Sport ATV aftermarket industry expands with slew of new products – March 13, 2006

INDIANAPOLIS — The Dealer Expo is a fascinating place for those who follow the world of sport ATVs. Every year brings new models from the manufacturers, and with those models follow new riders and new, exciting aftermarket products.
At the Indy show, it was clear aftermarket manufacturers are serious about the emerging 450-class ATVs. The new Suzuki in this class wasn’t out long enough to make an impact at the show, but there were a few scattered about the booths. Honda TRX450Rs and YFZ450s, however, dominated the rest of the display ATVs. Most of the major aftermarket players had the two 450s front and center.
Here’s a look at some of the aftermarket products for sport ATVs that were shown at Indy:
Kenda Sticky Lite
Both the Sticky-Lite Klaw and Klaw SX motocross tire were developed with input from pro racer Joe Byrd during the 2005 season. The casing is 20 percent lighter than the original Klaw MX. The compound is soft for traction on a variety of tracks. The tires are available now. Please contact for price.
Hydrapack Roost
What does the ATV rider do when he wants a sip of something cool, but he doesn’t want to stop the ATV? Strapping on the Roost from Hydrapack is a good start. This product takes the hydration pack to the next level with a reversible bladder for cleaning and a removable sipping tube. The product, which is available now, sells for $57.99.
Contact: (510) 595-8318,
ATV Four-Play XC Style A-Arms
Cross-country ATV racers can get long-travel and more ground clearance with these upper and lower A-arms from ATV Four-Play. The “reverse gullwing” design accomplishes this on the lower arm. Made from 4130 alloy steel, the arms are built for racing. The product, which is available now, starts at $750.
Contact: (330) 289-1423,
LRD Pro 4 Series Exhaust
These exhaust systems are designed for today’s ATV four-strokes. The pipes add power and stay quiet, too. The product is available now and price starts at $349.95 for the silencer only.
Contact: (503) 885-9200,
Laeger’s A-arms
A name synonymous with ATV racing now has caster-adjustable upper A-arm so riders can fine tune the steering of the ATV. Change the caster angle of the spindles quickly with Laeger’s new plate design in the upper A-arm. The product is available now; please contact for price.
Contact: (951) 693-9048,
Two Brothers LT-R450 Exhaust
This exhaust system is for the new Suzuki QuadRacer. It comes in a complete system or slip-on silencer only. The system is intended to upgrade the stock system. Availability is immediate and price starts at $299.98 for the silencer.
Contact: (800) 211-2767,
Smooth Industries Products
From pajamas to board games, Smooth Industries had a number of products to satisfy young motocross fans. We especially liked the Supercross board game and Renthal pillow-sized crossbar pads. The game retails for $24.95 and the pillows for $24.95. Both products are currently available.
Contact: (760) 757-7776,
Hinson Slipper Clutch
This clutch is designed to replace the stock clutch in many of today’s performance ATVs. A slipper clutch helps eliminate a four-stroke engine’s high amount of engine braking. It makes a four-stroke feel like a two-stroke when entering corners. The clutch is available now; contact for price.
Contact: (909) 946-2942,
M2R Revelation-X3
This is the latest helmet from M2R. It features a shell constructed from Kevlar, carbon fiber and fiberglass, which is layered for strength. The helmet is both DOT and Snell M2005 certified. It is available in a wide range of colors. Call for price.
Contact: (530) 644-7200,
AC Racing
AC Racing pioneered the nerf bar for ATV applications in the 1990s. The company now releases its own line of black accessories. AC Racing carries a number of items, from bumpers to grab bars. The products are available and prices start at $59.95.
Contact: (714) 808-8330,
Fluidyne Radiators
These aftermarket radiators are designed to keep heavily modified engines cool when the stock radiator fails to do so. The water passages are 33 percent wider than stock for improved flow. The radiators are available now and prices start at $449.95.
Contact: (800) 358-4396,
Motoworks Exhaust
The SR4 system is constructed for maximum horsepower from a four-stroke ATV engine. The silencer is made from 6063 T4 aluminum, while the head pipe is made of 304 stainless steel. It is available now; contact for price.
Contact: (951) 587-9222,
Pro Armor Winch Bumper
Pro Armor teamed up with Warn winches to offer sport ATV riders a place to mount a lightweight Warn winch. The bumper is available for most sport models and is available now. Please contact for price.
Contact: (888) 31-ARMOR, psb

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