Online job company increases services – March 13, 2006

MIJ Specializes in Powersports Job Seekers
“I have been in this industry for 15 years and I feel that some companies are still back in 1991,” Motorcycle Industry Jobs (MIJ) Owner Alex Baylon said while explaining his online job service.
Motorcycle Industry Jobs.com (MIJ) offers a variety of services to companies in the powersports industry seeking to hire employees. The most popular service is a single, 30-day ad posted on motorcycleindustryjobs.com. The ad retails for $129.
Baylon said using MIJ is like placing a help wanted ad in the newspaper. “But, unlike placing an ad in the local newspaper, where you are limited by words, deadlines, editing abilities and more, ads in MIJ last 30 days in an industry-focused environment and have no limit on words,” he told Powersports Business. “There are no other deadlines, you can edit the ad anytime, and our instant job notification system will send an e-mail to all candidates matching the criteria of your job posting.”
The latest MIJ offering is a staffing service created via a partnership with Lemco Management Group Inc.
With the new partnership, employers can save time by having MIJ perform a candidate search for you. Not limited to Lemco dealers, the service can find a pool of candidates, do a background check, interview and have them ready for a final interview with your company.
“We’ve also expanded our help wanted classified style job board to include business opportunities, like dealerships for sale,” Baylon said. “MIJ was constantly receiving e-mails not only from job seekers looking for a chance to work in the industry, but from enthusiasts wanting to purchase motorcycle dealerships. We responded by creating a section where dealerships can place their business for sale.”
Contact: Motorcycle Industry Jobs, www.MotorcycleIndustryJobs.com
Revv Powersports Offers Switchblade
Operating under license from 2Moto, Inc., Revv Powersports is producing Switchblade Snowbike Conversion Kits and accessories, and is now accepting orders for kit deliveries beginning late this spring.
Initially, Switchblade kits will be available for the more popular brands of 450cc off-road motorcycles, including the Honda CRF450 and CRF450X, the Yamaha YZF450 and WRF450, and the KTM Racing Four Stroke 400cc, 450cc and 525cc models.
Revv says kits for additional brands and models of dirt bike will be available by early fall. MSRP is $3,849 for all models except KTM, which is $4,249. Dealer pricing is available.
Contact: Revv Powersports, www.revvpowersports.com
DOWCO Shows Three New Products
Matt Klein, DOWCO’s marketing manager, kept busy showing attendees three new products, the Iron Rider Motorcycle Luggage, Guardian Ultralite Plus motorcycle cover and updated Guardian Weatherall Plus cover.
Iron Rider Motorcycle Luggage consists of a five-piece modular luggage system for cruisers. Pieces are sold separately, so customers can buy what they need when they need it.
The Guardian Ultralite Plus Motorcycle Cover is a lightweight cover designed for travel — the solution for riders who want a lightweight yet durable cover to protect their bikes from the elements while on the road.
Finally, a new security feature was added to all Guardian Weatherall Plus Covers. Riders can easily install DOWCO’s exclusive motorcycle cover alarm to all Weatherall Plus motorcycle covers. Working with an alarm system sold separately, the cover alarm emits a 130-dB warning to scare off potential thieves and vandals.
Contact: DOWCO, 920/682-7796; www.dowco.com
Dynostar Introduces Long Wheelbase Dyno
Dutch dynamometer manufacturer Dynostar presented its latest development, the Dynostar Model 375, a unit able to test bikes with a wheelbase up to 120 inches.
“The dyno makes its official debut here at the Dealer Expo,” Dynostar Dynamometers’ Marco Overdulve told Powersports Business.
“Dynostar has high expectations for its latest development on the U.S. market,” said Alex Swagemakers, Dynostar managing director. “The USA is the home of the custom, long wheelbase bike and we expect that the U.S. will be the main market for this dyno. Our expectations are high.”
The Dynostar 375 measure power to 500 hp dynamic/255 hp static (eddy-current brake); 885 ft-lbs (on roller); and a maximum rear wheel speed of 198 mph.
Contact: Dynostar, 925/497-4927; www.dynostar.com
Rick’s Shows Hayabusa Stator
Rick’s Motorsport Electrics introduced a high output stator for the Suzuki Hayabusa.
“The High Output rebuild is great for all the tuners out there with electrical accessories on their ’Busas,” said Rick’s President Richard Shaw.
“Our stator will offer 25 percent more wattage than stock, so it’s great for all those added accessories everyone likes to put on their ’Busas,” said Amanda Shaw, marketing and public relations administrator.
The stator is a rebuilt unit from Ricks, which requires you to send an old stator in to be rebuilt. O.E. Hayabusa stators provide approximately 400 watts of power while maintaining about 13.5 – 15 volts. The Shaws say a high output stator wound by Rick’s Motorsport Electrics provides slightly more than 500 watts of power at the same voltage.
Rick’s Motorsport Electrics also has plans to manufacture a heavy-duty rectifier/regulator for the Suzuki Hayabusa. The new rec/reg will have a 40 amps capacity and is due out by this summer.
Contact: Rick’s Motorsport Electrics, 800/521-0277; www.ricksmotorsportelectrics.com
NGK Celebrates Multiple Anniversaries
NGK Marketing Manager Mark Sprague said 2006 is a significant year in the history of the spark plug manufacturer. This is the 10th anniversary of the company’s facility in Michigan, which was recently expanded, the 40th anniversary of its operations in the United States and the 70th anniversary of NGK Spark Plug Company LTD. in Japan.
“To commemorate these milestones, we will be celebrating with our distributors with a promotion called 10/40/70,” Sprague said. “NGK distributors have the opportunity to tour our facilities in Michigan, California and Japan during 2006. In showcasing our operations, our distributors have the chance to experience the NGK culture, meet employees, learn more about what we do and how we do it.”
Look for more information regarding full promotional details or contact your NGK Spark Plugs representative for more details.
Contact: NGK, 877/473-6767; www.ngksparkplugs.com
Thor Goes Supermoto
Supermoto riding takes its toll on gear, and off-road gear isn’t the right stuff for the job. Knowing this, the folks at Thor developed the new Core Supermoto gear. The pant features full grain leather panels, the gloves have floating carbon fiber knuckles, padded sides and are made of deerskin leather. Associated product includes Jester Core Premium Gear in black, white and lime green; Bootleg Core Premium Gear in orange; and Throwback AC Vented Gear in yellow and black.
Contact: Thor, 619/448-8467; www.ThorMX.com
Christini Offers 2WD
Philadelphia-based Christini Technologies showcased its off-road motorcycle frame kits featuring two-wheel drive technology. The company says it plans to have a custom AWD frame and fork and front hub ready for the Honda CRF250 and CRF 450 models by June.
Christini said the kit, retailing for $6,799, offers little weight difference and is easily serviced with existing tools.
The drive system runs off the main motorcycle transmission and uses a chain drive connecting to a gearbox under the seat. From that point, the drive shaft transfers power to the head tube, where two gear sets take the power and transfer it down the front fork via two counter-rotating shafts. The current limited slip ratio transfers power at a variable ratio and is adjustable from 50 percent to 95 percent with a simple sprocket adjustment.
Contact: Christini Technologies, Inc., 215/351-9895; www.christini.com
Revolution Expands in Engines
Revolution Performance, Plymouth, Wis., now does more than portwork, performance cylinder heads and valvetrain components. Now the company is into engine assembly, too.
Revolution now offers seven different V-twin engines, including a 100-inch, 113-inch, 127-inch and 140-inch, plus XL lumps in 91-inch, 100-inch and 120-inch sizes. Carrying a one-year limited warranty, all engines are based upon OEM Evolution mounting specifications, and engines require no frame modifications to install.
Contact: Revolution Performance, 866/892-2109; www.revperf.com
Convertibars Stop the Lean
Made by INVEX Corp., St. Paul, Minn., Convertibars allow a rider to switch from a sportbike riding position to a more comfortable sport-touring position with minimal hassle.
Featuring a heavy-duty Cyclops Clamp machined out of 6061 aluminum, the system offers three riding positions: down, mid and up. In the down position, the handlebars are located down and forward; the mid position places the bars back and up; and the up position pulls the bars up and back for maximum rise.
Once installed, the Convertibars take only minutes to set. Simply loosen the Allen bolts on the clamp, select your riding position, tighten the bolts and ride.
The company’s Timothy Tamcsin said Convertibars are available for bikes from BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha. Universal kits also are available.
Contact:Convertibars, 800/513-2440; www.convertibars.com
MC Stuff Picks Up New Product
Motorcycle Stuff showed dealers new ATV products from UM Performance and iShock. UM (Universal Metal) specializes in aftermarket aluminum products and manufactures a variety of products, including nerf bars, bumpers, air boxes, oil tanks, skid plates, wheel spacers, and more. iShock, by HydroDynamics USA, offers a complete line of ATV front suspension components, including front suspension kits, arms sets, shocks and accessories.
Hot Bodies Signs Team Kenny Roberts
Hot Bodies Racing announced it has signed to sponsor Team Kenny Roberts MotoGP program in 2006, and had a 2005 Team KR on display — a 990cc V5-powered unit. In 2006, the team plans to use a Honda RC211V.
Hot Bodies also showed dealers the company’s new Granprix windshields, ABS undertail kits and tire huggers; undertail exhaust systems, flush-mount signals and race bodywork.
Contact: Hot Bodies Racing, 800/555-2805; www.hotbodiesracing.com psb

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