MOTORCYCLE – Japan’s Exports Down, Value Up

Japan’s four main motorcycle companies produced 136,350 units in July 2005, up 3,999 units or 3.0% compared to the production of 132,351 units in July 2004, reported the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA).
Honda produced 50,163 in July 2005, up from 49,584 units in July 2004; Suzuki produced 38,280 units, up from 18,900; Yamaha produced 31,762 units, down from 47,673; and Kawasaki produced 16,116 units, nearly even with the 16,169 produced in July 2004.
The four companies exported a total of 88,452 units during the month, down 1,490 units or 1.7% compared to the export of 89,942 units in July 2004. Exports to the U.S. totaled 48,134 units, a bit less than the 48,236 units sent to the U.S. in July 2004.
The value of motorcycles exported during July 2005 was $462.48 million, including $340.28 million for vehicles and $122.2 million for parts. This is an increase of $62.39 million or 15.6% as compared with a worth of $400.09 million recorded for July 2004.

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