PWC – IJSBA’s New Look Coming into Focus

Slowly but surely, the International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) is filling the slots on its revamped organizational chart. In late April, the organization announced its first democratically elected Board of Directors, a seven-person team that will take over for the interim Transitional Committee. Board members were elected as the result of online balloting from members of their peer group, with the new board themselves then choosing a Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary Treasurer shortly thereafter.
A familiar face to the professional racing scene will head the IJSBA Board of Directors. Kawasaki Race Team Manager Joe Heim will serve as Chairman of the Board, with the IJSBA's Biorn Tangeland serving as Vice Chairman and Riva Yamaha's Dave Bamdas the Secretary Treasurer. Three board members are drawn from the IJSBA's international affiliates, including Belgium's Yves Van Heers, New Zealand's Linda Mellor, and Norway's Jens Moos. Scott Frazier will occupy the seventh seat on the board, representing the race community.
“Just like the sport itself, our board is a mix of representative organizations from the watercraft racing industry across the world, and includes national organizations and multinational companies representing both racers and manufacturing industries as well as promoters and race organizers,” said IJSBA's Managing Director Biorn Tangeland.
“IJSBA will maintain its influence with regional, national and international organizations and racers to provide the best possible environment for our sport, racing and its members,” Tangeland says. “The board will continue to introduce new strategies and value-added services for members, as well as lobby for policies that ensure the sport remains strong.”
Frazier will also be on the IJSBA's Racer Committee, where legendary racer Victor Sheldon, along with four more representatives, will join him still yet to be named. The five-member Affiliate Committee has also yet to be named. The USA's Gus Andros and Lee Bower join France's Rene Robin on the Technical/Rules Committee. Heim, Sea-Doo's Tim McKercher, and Hydrospace's Christian Schwaighofer currently comprise the Manufacturer Committee. The five-member Associate/Aftermarket Committee currently consists of Riva's Bamdas, Jet-Ski Unlimited's Steve Webster, and Perry Performance Group's Glen Perry.

- Jeff Hemmel

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