While racing may indeed have the potential to rebound, the American Powerboat Association’s Patrick Mell says that nothing will happen until more enthusiasts are made aware of the simple fact that they can race. According to Mell, countless potential racers show up at events every weekend at the last minute, unaware that a race is even being held in their town, let alone the possibility that they themselves can participate.
“People don’t even realize you can race,” Mell explains. “There is no grass roots marketing campaign going to dealers and riders to tell them you can race.” Hopefully, that’s all about to change. For starters, the APBA plans to put posters in this very magazine, allowing dealers to develop interest at the local level. Mell would also like to have similar posters or flyers included in packages sent out from aftermarket manufacturers. Anything to get the word out that racing exists.
Interested in helping? Contact Mell at 586/773-9700, or email patrick@apba-racing.com.

The democratic process is once again in full swing. While the Internatioanl Jet Sport Boating Association has been run by a Transition Committee for much of the past year, the first democratic elections of a new board have been tentatively scheduled. The new board will include affiliate members, riders, aftermarket representatives, and OEM reps. Most nominations are to be handled throughout December. Elections will be completed and the first democratically elected board in control by Spring 2005. Details can be found on the IJSBA’s Web site, www.ijsba.com

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