Sea-Doo RXP Named PWC of the Year

Sea-Doo’s RXP has been named Watercraft of the Year by Watercraft World magazine for its good looks, loads of power and some unexpected features that add to its value. It’s rare for a watercraft to dominate the Watercraft of the Year evaluations, but in no uncertain terms, Sea-Doo’s RXP did just that, say the magazine’s editors.
In the end of the selection process, the recipient of the Watercraft of the Year honor must fit best into the three criteria for the award: Innovation, Market Appeal and Long-Term Impact on the industry. While each of the criteria takes on new meaning with every passing year, Innovation is the most important of these criteria.
With the RXP, there’s a new hull and an upgraded engine platform. There’s innovative thinking in the way a manufacturer designs a PWC — targeting a specific genre with a product that mirrors that era’s consumer mindset. And it’s proved that a four-stroke can be quick and fast. It can be the quickest and fastest on the market, in fact, and that’s also something that goes a long way toward establishing its long-term impact.
Market Appeal is a given with speeds like those of the RXP. Many watercraft enthusiasts have that need for speed, and the RXP delivers it without the need for an aftermarket upgrade. That means a solid warranty is important. If there was a downside to the market appeal, it is, of course, the pricepoint. “We have had some reservations about selecting a watercraft that eclipses the $10,000 mark, but at $10,399, the RXP is worth it if you’re considering another four-stroke in the same price range,” the editors said.
But the RXP didn’t take the honors based on sheer power alone. “Sure, 68 mph is breathtaking,” write the editors, “and screaming out to some of the fastest acceleration times we’ve ever seen is arm-stretching. There are, however, many things to love about the Sea-Doo RXP that don’t have anything to do with the speed and acceleration. In fact the list of reasons to love this watercraft continue to pile up.”
The fact that Sea-Doo dropped in the most powerful watercraft engine to date, a firebreathing 215 hp monster, was just icing on the cake. The words supercharged and intercooled only added to its mystique.
This engine is one of the cleanest on the market in terms of emissions. With a two-star rating from the California Air Resources Board, this PWC engine has the environmental friendliness to meet standards through the 2006 riding season.
These days, the thought of a high-powered yet clean engine isn’t out of the ordinary. But the RXP’s 215 hp rating is 30% greater than any competitor’s offering. All this translates into a watercraft that is not only responsible to its surroundings, but also one that can surpass the 60 mph mark in a little more than five seconds.
With the RXP, you get innovation and power plus a bunch of extras that you may have never thought to ask for, such as reverse and the Off-Power Assisted Steering. Sea-Doo has followed a trend started by Honda by including a removable engine access panel on the RXP. The cover, which surrounds the back half of the engine compartment, provides good access to the engine and is easy to remove.
Watercraft World is produced by Ehlert Publishing Group, the parent company of Powersports Business.

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