Japan’s Cycle Production Slips

Japan’s motorcycle manufacturers produced a total of 134,351 units during July, 11.2% less than the 151,367 total units produced during July 2003, according to a recent report by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA).
July production figures include 49,673 units from Yamaha; 49,584 units from Honda; 18,900 units from Suzuki; 16,169 units from Kawasaki; and 25 units from other manufacturers.
The four manufacturers posted a combined export total of 92,942 units during July 2004, up from the 85,214 units exported during July 2003. Yamaha exported 35,601 units; Honda, 29,948 units; Suzuki, 14,582 units; and Kawasaki, 12,811 units. Of those totals, 48,236 units were shipped to the U.S., a drop of 6,000 units compared to the 42,238 units shipped to the U.S. during July 2003.

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