Sea-Doo goes interactive with 3-D

Sea-Doo has made good on its promise to market the new 3-D in new and unconventional ways. The Sea-Doo 3D Virtual Trial Tour has already started making its way across the country, hitting popular spring break locations as well as making stops at events with what the company sees as a similar audience, including the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, Tuner Bash in Daytona Beach, and the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour. In addition, Sea-Doo is also bringing the 3-D experience to everything from festivals to shopping malls in addition to many of the company’s own dealerships, with an event planned five to six times per week. Tour stops will continue to crisscross the country throughout July, bringing the company’s newest creation to the consumer, rather than wait for them to come into the showroom.
While the boat itself is certainly a highlight of the nearly 20-stop tour that Sea-Doo has planned, the centerpiece is undoubtedly the most unique method ever created to showcase a PWC, a full-motion, three-dimensional simulator ride linked to a nearly four-minute video of the craft in action. Similar to other first-person motion simulator rides found at theme parks and fairs, this “virtual trial simulator” offers a potential consumer the chance to immerse themselves in all three modes the 3D has to offer. Narration is provided by a pair of one-dimensional sea creatures whose goal is to show participants why life in one-dimension, to put it gently, “sucks.”
In addition to the traveling promotional tour, Sea-Doo has set up a separate interactive Web site for the 3D (www.ride3d.com). The site contains various images of the craft in all its modes, as well as a frequently updated event schedule. psb

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