Making Waves – 2003 Sales Up

It’s official. With 2004 numbers already looking quite promising for the PWC industry, the NMMA delivered more good news in early May, revealing that PWC sales for the 2003 calendar year had climbed for the first time since 1995. According to NMMA stats, 79,300 vehicles were sold in 2003. In 2003, that figure rose to 80,600. A huge increase? In terms of percentage, it’s a little under a two-percent increase. That upward tick, however, speaks volumes for the industry. Congratulations to all who made it happen.
In early March, surf-industry leader Quiksilver bought DC Shoe Company. The deal, worth well over $100 million dollars, should DC hit certain performance targets, was seen as a natural fit by most industry observers, including Quiksilver chairman Robert McKnight.
“DC Shoes is a tremendous fit with our organization from a cultural, strategic, and operational standpoint,” said McKnight following the purchase. “They are a young, aggressive, and energetic company which reminds me a lot of Quiksilver. We expect to see tremendous synergies between our teams.”
A recent conversation with freestyle champ Eric Malone revealed that the World Freestyle Watercraft Alliance could use a little help in terms of sponsorship. Malone, along with brothers Brad and Josh Lustic, and Lloyd Burlew, have invested a fair amount of their own money constructing the radical new ramps that the group hopes will bring the thrill of surf-style riding to the landlocked masses. Further establishing the group’s planned “street course,” however, will require a little more capital for construction costs. Interested sponsors can contact the group at wfwaalliance.com.
Kawasaki dealers can tell their customers that the Big Green is willing to invite them in — literally. Kawasaki recently announced that guided tours are available of the company’s Lincoln, Neb. manufacturing plant for owners of the company’s PWC, ATV, utility, and motorcycle lines. Interested parties need only schedule the tour through a Kawasaki dealer, be willing to don those oh-so-sexy safety glasses, and promise to leave the cameras and video recorders at home.
Industry veteran Kirk Holland, most recently the IJSBA’s Executive Director, has found a new home at CN Publishing Group, where he will assume the newly created role of Circulation Development Manager.
Holland had been involved with the IJSBA in various facets for the last 14 years. psb

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