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No news yet on just which organization will step into the role of U.S. affiliate for the reorganized IJSBA. The subject seems to have both industry reps and enthusiasts sharply divided, with some backing the stability and history of the American Powerboat Association, while others look for a fresh start and the industry know-how of Jacques Bryant’s upstart USWRA. Info on the USWRA continues to be rather vague, but Bryant did release a video clip online that answered some of the questions enthusiasts have about the organization. You can find it at www.watercross.com/uswra.wmv.

While the IJSBA has yet to reveal which way it’s leaning as far as the U.S. affiliate is concerned, the organization has made steps towards once again getting up to speed. The Web site, www.ijsba.com, is still being redeveloped and the organization’s SoCal phone still seems to go unanswered, but progress has been made, most notably the appointment of Biorn Tangeland as the new managing director. The news came courtesy of familiar race personality Yves Van Heers, who is serving as spokesman for the IJSBA Transitional Committee.
Tangeland has been with the IJSBA since 1995, most recently directing the organization’s international affiliate program. He also has overseen the international rider and affiliate support program for the World Finals.

Personal watercraft owners throughout Virginia no longer need to worry about the specter of local bans across the Commonwealth, at least not for the 2004 boating season. Virginia House Bill 695, which would have enabled Virginia localities to single out personal watercraft for bans and restrictions on bodies of water that allow motor boating, was tabled for any further consideration during the 2004 legislative session.
“This bill is typical of discriminatory efforts being championed by anti-boating groups across the country” said Christian Gullott, manager of state affairs for the Personal Watercraft Industry Association. “I believe this bill raised serious questions among legislators about the wisdom of passing laws that arbitrarily parcels which taxpayers can and can’t use the public waterways.”

Xtreme Companies, manufacturer of the Rescue Jet line of jet-powered boats aimed at police and fire departments, has selected Mercury Marine as its exclusive provider of marine jet engines.

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