Hot new motorcycle products showcased at Indy

A report on all of the hot new motorcycle products shown at the 36th annual Powersports Dealer Expo in Indianapolis would fill a number of pages and, perhaps, a number of issues of Powersports Business.
Here, then, is a run-down of some of the products that caught our attention.

Adjure Inc. has eight new designs for its 5 3/4 headlight bucket series for metric cruisers as well as Harley-Davidsons. Vice President Joe Phillipson says “Anybody who wants to get rid of their gawdy OEM headlight will want to put ours on.”
He then showed Adjure’s patented headlight threaded bezzle system with its spring lock design, which makes removing the front of the headlight easy to get inside to replace the bulb.
Adjure Inc., 323/838-5866, www.adjureinc.com

Dowco has a new rear-mounted bag called the Rally Pack Roller Bag that works as a rolling piece of luggage when off the motorcycle because of its wheels and retractable handle. It also comes with an integrated rain cover, and something very unique—access to the bag through a zippered opening in the back, making it very easy to get at the contents of the bag when the bag is mounted to a backrest.
Dowco, 800/588-7755, www.dowco-inc.com

Caviro USA imports Buff headwear from Spain, a neckwarmer/cap product that’s been popular overseas and began hitting motorcycle dealerships in mid-2003. The Buff is a seamless tube of wind resistant polyester that can be worn as a neck gaiter, balaclava, bandanna, scarf or headband. At the Powersports show, the new Polar Buff was introduced combining an 8 inch swath of Polartec fabric to offer extra protection against the cold.
Caviro USA, 707/782-1939, www.buff.us

Cruiserworks was showing off a prototype of a new women’s zippered boot to add to its very popular two-boot line of women’s waterproof boots. Owner Beth Veach says the boot will be available in June. In the men’s line of footwear, the Commando boots are now two inches shorter with new shinier nickel-plated hardware to have more appeal to cruiser riders. The side-zip boot has also been lowered two inches and will be offered in a wider 4E size “for really big guys with big calves.” The taller size-zip boot will still be available. Veach was undecided on whether the taller Commando boot will be phased out.
Cruiserworks, 800/955-1187,

Kimpex was showcasing its Rhyno line of leathers and textile garments for men and women. A unique feature of the line is its Dentik Riding Wear, jacket and pants that can be worn alone or under a heavier jacket. Made of 100 percent polyester with a Dentik membrane, the garments are windproof, waterproof and breathable. Works great as a lightweight warm weather outfit or as an extra layer underneath heavier gear.
Kimpex, 800/777-7073, www.kimpex.com

Metzeler introduced its new Roadtec Z6 sport-touring radials, the successor to the popular Z4 tires. The newly designed tread offers better grip in rain as well as distinct improvements over the Z4 in the areas of dry grip, neutral handling and mileage. The front and rear tires are being offered in a full range of sizes.
Metzeler, 800/747-3554,

Motonation is promoting its new line of boots called Set Up to complement the high-end Sidi line of boots it already carries. Bill Berroth of Motonation says Set Up is more of an economy line. “It’s a mid-price to lower price boot.”
The Pegaso is the name of the boot that’s launching the line in the states. It is a leather, all-purpose riding boot that comes in an ankle length and a calf length. Berroth believes dealers will be interested in carrying the line as it offers an alternative to the Sidi line.
In addition, he says, “Dealers know the history Motonation puts behind the product in advertising and promotion to create good consumer demand. We have very good return policies and we believe we’re easy to do business with.”
Motonation, 877/789-4940, www.motonation.com

Motophoria is a new company manufacturing sport and cruiser oriented leather and textile garments. Maryann Fulton, an account manager with the company, says the company is going to concentrate on expanding the cruiser line and the women’s line as it grows.
The women’s Vela leather jacket has a feature rarely seen, a removable waist panel to convert the jacket to a shorter sport-oriented garment. Many of the jackets come standard with CE Armor. The company also manufactures a complete line of gloves from sport to cruiser, and several styles of boots. Fulton says dealers will be interested in the new line because, “We only use quality materials, real Dupont Cordura, real Schoeller and Keprotec, and CE Armor. We don’t skimp at all, and the prices are reasonable.”
Motophoria, 888/668-6442,

Mustang Seats was showing off its new custom seat for the Kawasaki Vulcan 2000. The pocketed wide driver seat is available with a removable backrest and a passenger seat. And, as with most Mustang seats, it comes in a studded or plain version.
Mustang Seats, 800/243-1392,

National Cycle introduced its new Switchblade Windshield System allowing a rider to easily switch between a low Shorty style windshield, a larger, 2-Up touring windshield providing a wider coverage area, or the Deflector offering a coverage in a more narrow, custom look. It utilizes one mounting kit and zero tools when switching between the three different windshields. The system is available for most metric cruisers.
National Cycle, 708/343-0400,

Olympia Moto Sports launched is affordable yet high-end quality line of men’s leather and textile garments at the Powersports Expo last year. In 2004, owner Kevin Rhea is showing off the new ladies textile jacket, the Airglide. In building up his dealer network over the last year, he’s found BMW dealers have really latched on to his product. “Our styling is more geared toward the sport-touring crowd. Our styling is a little more sophisticated. The quality level is appreciated by BMW dealers. We still use high-end components like Cordura fabrics, YKK zippers, and the best insulation. We don’t skimp on the components in our jackets.” Rhea thinks dealers would be interested in carrying his line because, “We don’t necessarily chase price points. We’re more focused on first creating a quality product and then working it back into a price point.” He adds that there is no middleman as he does dealer direct distribution.
Olympia Moto Sports, 866/473-GEAR, www.olympiamotosports.com


Performance Machine has a new high-end forged aluminum wheel that Ted Sands of the company says, “is completely different than anything else on the marketplace, mainly because they start out as a raw forging. They have a much thicker rim which allows us to take the pattern of the wheel all the way from the hub into the spoke area to the outside of the edge of the wheel.” This special forging enables the pattern to be pulled all the way out to the rim giving the wheel a very dramatic appearance over other wheels. Sands admits these are also very expensive at $5,000 retail for a chrome set. “But there is nothing else in the industry like it right now,” he adds. They are currently available in custom sizes.
Performance Machine, 714/523-3000,

Power Trip is a new line of cruiser-oriented clothing aimed at the metric market and beyond. Steve Chalmers, a regional manager with Sullivans, the distributor, said the company’s research showed the age of the average cruiser buyer is above 40. “In the mid 40s, the bank accounts get larger, but so do the waistlines. All of these are about a half size larger, men’s or women’s. So, If you normally where a large, you’ll probably where a medium, which is pretty good. High end women’s designers have used that for years.” Power Trip consists of textiles and leather, including a very supple lambskin women’s jacket. Chalmers adds that dealers will be interested in carrying this line because one ad will work for the entire country. “This is the first really targeted line for cruisers that ties the line together across the country.”
Sullivans, 800/343-5984, www.power-trip.com

RC Components was promoting three new styles of wheels in 2004: the Predator, the Venom, and the Wolverine. But, what really caught people’s attention were the new spinning wheels which come in 18- and 21-inch wheels.
Chris Cross says these spinning wheels have sales potential because they’re a cutting edge product. “We’ve been to two dealer shows and it’s the been the hottest thing, people coming up asking about them. We make them for so many different bikes, metrics, sportbikes, Harleys, so we’re not locked into model. We cover many different applications.”
RC Components, 270/842-6000,

Scorpion Sports, Inc. is a new company started by former Intersport Fashions West executive Eric Anderson to offer a new line of helmets from Korea. Marketing director Scott Goodwin says, “We are a dealer direct distributor, which will allow us to provide very high margins on our products.” The company is launching its line of Scorpion helmets with four models, two street and two dirtbike helmets. Goodwin adds, “We will offer a more complete line of helmets as the season goes forward.” At under $200, the helmets are considered a mid-priced product. Goodwin points out that, “We offer the same features of the high end helmets, but at an affordable price.”
Scorpion Sports, Inc., 888/6-SCORPION, www.scorpionusa.com

SuperTrapp is offering a newly redesigned drag pipe series. The Mean Mother II drag pipes now come with replaceable pre-installed heatshields and baffles as well as added refinements for easy installation. President Kevin Berger also pointed out his company’s collaboration with custom bike builder Paul Yaffe, who has been designing high-end custom exhaust systems over the last several years. The Road Legend series of drag pipes has been very popular, but is evolving, he said. Other popular lines include the “X” pipes and the highly stylized Crack Pipes, both designed by Yaffe.
SuperTrapp, 216/265-8400, www.supertrapp.com

Supreme Legends USA, formerly Legends, has new owners and a new commitment to its dealers. The company makes bolt-on aftermarket parts for V-Twin and metric cruisers, starting now just with Yamaha. The company was promoting its premium foot controls designed for the custom bike builder. Richard Voegtlen, a sales associate with the company, says the product has been a hot item with guys putting together high-end custom bikes. The company is also pushing its line of bolt-ons for the Yamaha Star line of bikes.
Supreme Legends USA, 949/707-0288, www.supremelegendsusa.com

Teknic is offering its new Spider jacket system, combining a mesh jacket with a heavier waterproof jacket. You simply zip off the outer shell converting the jacket to a ventilated mesh jacket with CE armor. You can store the outer shell in a zippered pocket on the back of the jacket. Bill Ringrose of Teknic, believes the reason this jacket has sales potential for dealers, “It’s a whole new jacket dealers have never seen in what we’re calling a convert system. This is going to be appeal to a broad range of people and work well in a sportbike dealership as well as in a cruiser dealership because of its styling.”
Teknic, 616/866-3722, www.teknicgear.com

EPI Bodywork, based in Pompano Beach, Fla., is a sister company of Extensions Plus, an automobile aftermarket body part supplier. Michele Mango says the company, specializing in Honda and Suzuki bodywork, began business when it realized the popular trend of “trick riding” was wadding up expensive sportbike plastic.
“Our product is made of ABS plastic and is 100% guaranteed not to stress-crack or spider web,” Mango said. “Plus it’s lighter, more flexible and more durable than OEM bodywork.”
EPI Bodywork products come pre-primed with pre-drilled holes and all of the necessary hardware.
For more information, call 800/331-7081 or visit www.epibodywork.com.

Willie & Max was showcasing two new lines of saddlebags for 2004, called the Raptor and the Blackhawk. They each close with a hook-and-look side strap, no buckles. John Snellgrove of Willie & Max says, “They’re quick in and out, easy to maintain, and no silver distracting from your eye.” The Blackhawk series incorporates the very popular gray colored leather-like material that’s worked well on the company’s Thunder series.
Willie & Max, 847/356-7763,

LeoVince Exhaust Systems are furnished by Italian company Sito Gruppo Industriale. Available through Western Power Sports, the brand is new to the U.S. and offers a wide range of applications, including pipes for sportbikes, streetbikes, off-road bikes and scooters.
Tim Calhoun, representing LeoVince, says the brand’s sportbike exhausts sell under the SBK name, the four-stroke off-road line sells under the X3 name, units for scooters are labeled Scoot, and the cruiser pipes are labeled Silvertail.
The Silvertail line is split into two categories: Pro-S and K02. The Pro-S range is made of stainless steel and comes available in street of competition form; the K02 range is made of chromed steel, with the headers covered with chrome embellishers to hide discoloration. It, too, is available in street or competition form.
For more information, visit www.silvertailusa.com.

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