Ski-Doo goes big in 2005

With plans to produce a new 1000cc-class engine, a three-seater machine and a potential 162-inch track, it looks as if Bombardier Recrational Products is preparing to go big with its Ski-Doo line in ‘05.
“2005 is the completion of a vision we had five years ago — that we’re going to improve, top to bottom, all of our sleds,” said J.F. Guertin, director of marketing at Bombardier Recreational Products.
The 1000 semi-direct injection (SDI) Rotax two-stroke engine, which comes in three machines, has a claimed 165 hp and is Environmental Protection Agency compliant for the 2006 emissions standards. It comes in the Summit Highmark X, Summit Highmark and a revived Mach Z.
The Summit Highmark X and Highmark were scheduled to get a 162-inch track length option, but it was aborted in mid-February. That could change again, according to a Ski-Doo statement. “We are still testing and working on the 162-inch length, and if we see measurable gains in performance, we will consider it as standard equipment for production,” the company said in a prepared statement. As of the statement’s release, testing didn’t find the 162-inch track to be any more effective than the 159-inch track.
The new 998cc engine is similar to other SDI designs, with two injectors per cylinder that inject fuel into the transfer ports. The difference is in the injectors. At low rpm, a small injector pumps fuel. At higher rpm, a large injector works with the small one to inject more fuel into the transfer ports. The engine is further outfitted with eRAVE that controls the primary and secondary exhaust ports; and, because of the large pistons, the 1000 mill has two balancing gears that run off the crankshaft and help reduce engine vibration.
Ski-Doo continues to go the direction of its REV chassis riding style as it proliferates to the fan-cooled machines. However, the ZX chassis does remain in limited models: the four-stoke 2-Up and solo touring machines.
The new Expedition, a trail/utility hybrid machine, is in the Yeti chassis — borrowed from Bombardier Recreational Product’s Finnish subsidiary, Lynx.
The remainder of the sleds are in some version of the REV chassis, whether it’s the standard REV or the adapted RT platform, made to accommodate the liter-sized mill.
Model Roll Call
Ski-Doo calls the Mach Z, with its 1000cc engine and RT-chassis design, the “muscle sled for the 21st century”.
Another new offering is the GTX series of 2-Up REV machines. Designed with a more relaxed seating position, the sled’s handlebars have been moved back 5.25 inches and it has the 2+1 seat option.
The MX Z lineup returns for 2005 with minimal changes, and includes the Fan, Trail, Adrenaline and Renegade packages. The MX Z 550 Fan and 380 Fan are now in the REV chassis.
The GSX lineup also returns, but in three packages: the Limited and Sport 500, 600 and 800, and new Fan choices, which include the 550 and 380 engines.
Only two Legends remain, a 2-Up and a solo machine available as Sport or SE packages, and both come with the Rotax V-1000 V-twin four-stroke.
In the mountain lineup ,all of the Summits come standard with an adjustable ski stance, RER, a mountain rack, 10.6-gallon fuel tank and RAS front suspension.
Finally, for the utility segment, Ski-Doo has its new Expedition Touring Utility Vehicle (TUV), derived from Bombardier’s Lynx brand, and Expedition Sport. psb

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