CCM jumps into U.K. 400 cc market

CCM, the UK manufacturer of supermoto and off-road bikes, says the 400cc dual-sport/off-road motorcycle market is the hottest in Europe, and the only motorcycle sector in the UK showing significant growth. To tap into that market, the company recently unveiled the Suzuki-powered CCM 404 (MSRP £5,350).
The 404 line-up will include 404DS (dual sport) and 404E (enduro/competition) models. While the E is meant as a strict competition machine, the DS is being positioned as a do anything bike that can be easily converted into a road-going supermoto.
“The 404 is a crucial addition, and perhaps the machine that proves to be the catalyst for a range that will compete at the top of each off-road sub-sector,” said Bob Kelsall, sales director. “The 404 is the start of the story, not the end of the process. It’s about as complete as we could make it, and as it grows into its market we will develop genetic improvements and extend the range.”
CCM says it worked on the 404 for more than a year, testing it in enduro competition in the Andross Trophy and the UK Supermoto championship. The firm says it believes the bike will be competitive straight from the box. “We’re going back to our roots,” Kelsall said. “The CCM 404 will be a highly-capable daily ride and a great pleasure bike, but it will also be a machine that can be taken off the showroom floor and straight on to the off-road competition podium.”
Kelsall said the 644 and R30 models will continue in the company’s line-up unaffected. CCM sells its product through dealer networks in the UK, France and Germany.

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