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City bans off-road riding
The East Peoria, Ill., City Council has banned the use of ATVs and off-highway motorcycles, reports the AMA. That action sparked an outcry from citizens, and resulted in more than 200 people showing up for the Council’s Aug. 5 meeting, with most seeking a repeal of the ban.
The City Council refused to repeal the law, but did vote 4-1 to allow ATVs and off-highway motorcycles to be used for property-related chores. The City Council also promised to form a committee of citizens and city officials to study the recreational use of these vehicles on private land, and possibly make recommendations to amend the law.
Italian motorcycle manufacturer Moto Guzzi, now under Aprilia’s ownership, is said to be developing a liquid-cooled V-twin, using Guzzi’s traditional longitudinal crankshaft layout. It could have more than 100 horsepower, and may spawn a new series of bikes. There will be other new models in the next few years, including the Griso naked musclebike, which will be introduced as a 2005 model.
Rumors have it that Kawasaki may introduce a 750cc iteration of its Z1000 naked bike later this year as a 2004 model. The engine would come from the ZX-7R, slightly detuned for more low-end and mid-range torque. Styling and overall design should be similar to the Z1000’s.
Following a guest appearance on the Tonight Show, the bike building team of Paul Sr. and Paul Teutul, Jr. announced plans to build a custom bike for the show’s host, Jay Leno. Although specific details have not been announced, the Teutuls plan to make a bike for Leno like none other in his collection. The building of the bike will be chronicled in an upcoming episode of the Discovery Channel series American Chopper.
This year’s Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction, an annual celebration honoring the motorcycle industry’s living and past legends, will be held Oct. 4-5, 2003. This year’s attending inductees range from sports icons like Jeremy McGrath and Jay Springsteen, to Debbie Evans, recent stunt star of The Matrix: Reloaded and Spiderman 2.
The induction ceremony takes place October 5 at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, on the grounds of the American Motorcyclist Association, just a few minutes east of Columbus, Ohio.

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