How’s your backroom?

You say that your store is stuffed with new and non-current machines, that your machine margins are squeeky low, that your store traffic log is so thin it makes you weep, and that you’re desperately looking for another revenue stream?
Is that what’s bothering you?
If so, maybe you should turn away, yes away, from the showfloor for a moment and pop your head into the backroom. The place where you do the admin and where the computers have been pumping out the unhappy financial news.
Well, those shiny screens could be your salvation. The Internet, far from being dead, is looking more and more like a viable way to unload excess inventory, and that means used equipment, non-currents and all kinds of parts, accessories and apparel. What do you do, really, with those scratch and dent returns? The folks at e*Bay and Cycletrader may have an answer for you.
And isn’t about time that you pull the trigger on that F&I administrator? Sure, it’s another salary at a time when that doesn’t sound very sweet, but it could be just the ticket for a nice bonus on your bottom line. And as Gart Sutton points out in this section, there’s plenty that person can do in addition to selling F&I.
In this section you’ll find plenty of information on dealing with excess inventories, improving productivity using your computers and generating cash while you build your customer base with finance and insurance services.

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