Swisher adds ATV inventory tool on Web site

Swisher, manufacturer of work and farm-related ATV accessories, has added a powerful ATV inventory capability to its Web site. The relaunched site highlights Swisher’s commitment to lawn and garden and ATV customers.
ATV dealers carrying Swisher products may now expand their Internet presence and increase sales with the launch of the Dealer Inventory Management Tool on ATVTraderOnline.com. “The launch of the Dealer Inventory Management Tool on the site means dealers now can showcase and promote their entire ATV inventory
in a place frequented by consumers actively looking to buy ATVs,” said Danielle Kerner, business development manager for ATVTraderOnline.com and CycleTrader.com.
The system allows dealers to list new and used ATVs on ATVTraderOnline.com, along with specs and photos. Monthly reports are provided, which provide statistics of how many people viewed their ads, how many people responded to the ads via e-mail, and how many people called the special 800-number included in the ad.
Dealers can further benefit by taking advantage of the “Power Sports Package” on atvtrader.com and cycletrader.com, which lets them list ATVs on one site and motorcycles, PWCs and snowmobiles on the other at the same time. Visit www.swisherinc.com for more information.
ATV safety training urged
The All-Terrain Vehicle Association (ATVA) and the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) told the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that safety training is a vital part of preventing ATV-related injuries.
Thirty-seven groups and individuals supported the right to ride ATVs before the federal panel on ATV safety during a public hearing on June 5 held at West Virginia University in Morgantown, W.Va. The hearing could lead to more federal regulation of ATVs.
Opponents of ATVs told the commissioners that strict regulations are needed for ATVs and ATV users. Some even stated children under the age of 16 shouldn’t be allowed to ride ATVs, or that ATVs should be equipped with rollbars, seat belts and speed governors or limited engine size.
The ATVA and AMA argued that instead of further regulation, the CPSC should support training for ATV riders to teach them about riding gear, safe riding techniques and to improve riding skills. No date has been set for a final decision from the Commission.
Yamaha Real Riders
Yamaha Motor has launched a new affinity program aimed to make Blue riders stay loyal to Genuine Parts and Accessories. The campaign hopes to promote the extensive line of replacement and maintenance parts that Yamaha has branded, from hard parts to clothing and lubes.
Calling customers who opt for the Genuine stuff “Real Riders,” Yamaha has a list of the qualities these riders demand: superior protection for their Yamaha; reduced maintenance costs; performance that withstands real life severe use; cutting-edge technology; exceptional reliability, and reasonable prices.

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