The 2003 Powersports Business Personal Watercraft Supplier Directory failed to include Riva Yamaha as a provider of certain products and services. The key products and services provided by Riva Yamaha are listed below. The company also has accessories and transport products, as well. Riva Yamaha Honda can be reached at 954/785-4820 or by sending an e-mail to orders@rivayamaha.com. The staff of Powersports Business regrets any inconvenience this omission may have caused.
Yamaha High Performance Services: Electrical, Engine, Exhaust, Fuel System, Hull/Body and Impeller.
Performance Parts: Air Filters/Flame Arrestors , Bilge Pumps, Bypass Kits, Carb Kits, Carburetors, Crankshafts, Cylinder Heads, Cylinders, Driveshafts, Electrical Parts, Electronic Fuel Injection, Engine Mod Kits, Engines, Exhaust Pipes, Fuel Lines, Fuel Pumps, Gaskets, Hoods, Hoses, Ignition Systems, Impellers, Intake Grates, Manifolds, Motor Mounts, Mufflers, Nozzles, OEM Parts, Pistons, Pumps, Ride Plates, Sponsons, Starters, Steering Systems, Trim Systems, Reed Valves.
Performance Shop Services: Carburetor Rebuilding, Case Boring, Crankshaft Rebuilding, Cylinder Boring, Dyno Testing, Engine Rebuilding, Head Porting, Intake Mods, Race Preparation.
Watercraft: PWC and Jet Boats

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