Worldwide sled sales drop 8%

The International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA ) released sales numbers for the 2002-03 sales season. Sales for the year were 186,627 worldwide, an 8% decrease over last season.
In the U.S., sales dropped 14% over last season to 114,927 units. That equals $779 million in sales, and an average sled price of $6,780.
Canadian sales went down 1% over last year to 50,209 units, and $291 million in sales. The average cost of a new snowmobile in Canada was $5,892. Numbers were not available for Scandinavia, but ISMA executive director Ed Klim said sales were up 8% to 10%.
Consumer mileage on snowmobiles has dropped to 990 miles per year. In 2000, that figure was 1,200.
Redline Names New Director
Clyde Fessler will join the board of directors of Redline Performance Products Inc. , Vista, Calif. Fessler was named to the board after the company’s initial public offering.
He joins five other board members at Redline. Fessler, 61, held several positions at Harley-Davidson during his 25-year tenure. He retired from Harley in 2002. While there, he worked in several positions including advertising and promotions manager, director of marketing, vice president of business development and more.
In the early 1970s, Fessler was the sales promotion manager for Arctic Cat .
Haydays Revamps Layout
The consumer traffic will move in different pattens this fall at the Haydays Grass Drags and Swap Meet. The two-day event, which draws more than 50,000 consumers annually, redesigned the multi-acre layout and eliminated the vending and swap areas on the north side of the grass drag track.
Instead, this area will serve as the pits for the race. Crews will have their own entrance to the pits and no spectators will be allowed on the north side. In previous years, vendors were located on both sides of the track.
Organizers say that keeping all vendors on the south side of the track will improve traffic flow to various booths. Organizers will also offer a purchase storage corrals where consumers can check their purchases for later pick-up.
Yellowstone Proposal Set For July
The Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the Winter Use Plan in Yellowstone National Park will be released in July. A public comment period will follow. This document will set the guidelines for snowmobile use in the park, and will include details on the non-commercial guide clause as well as dates for the implementation of the new access rules. To read the final document, view www.nps.gov/grte/winteruse/winteruse.htm.
Choko To Move U.S. Distribution
Choko Designs Inc
. will move its New York distribution center to Plattsburgh, N.Y. The new location will be larger, said Choko President Eddie Majerfeld , and be closer to a UPS shipping hub. Shipping from the new location should be quicker by a day, he said.

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