Yamaha to expand application of 4-stroke engine in sled lineup

Yamaha will capitalize on its RX-1 success in 2003 by expanding the Genesis Extreme four-stroke engine deeper into its lineup.
Greg Marier, Yamaha’s snowmobile
marketing manager, said the Genesis Extreme engine was the best selling engine on the market for the past season. Now the engine will appear in a third model: a 136-inch track “‘tweener” called the RX Warrior.
Yamaha will offer 17 models this season, including four “Limited” spring-only machines. All Limited machines are four-strokes with special silver and red graphics. The company reports strong sales in its reduced-build 2003 lineup, and little dealer-carryover going into the 2004 model year.
In addition to the new four-stroke offering, Yamaha consolidated some of its two-stroke lineup. Gone are the SX 600R and the Vmax 600 ER. In their place are the SXVenom and the SXVenom ER.
Back in the pack with some updates are the SXVipers for the trail and mountain; the Venture 600 and 700; the Mountain Max 700; and the VK 540 III.
Four-Stroke Flagships
The new RX Warrior expands the use of the Genesis Extreme engine application.
The machine is billed as a more versatile option for the Genesis Extreme engine buyers, and it’s made to tackle groomed trails, rough trails and some off-trail activity.
Yamaha identifies the target buyer as a person who rides in places such as Michigan’s Upper Peninsula or in Maine. Yamaha said the machine will give better big-bump performance and will work well for the high-mileage rider.
Yamaha is especially proud of its Rip Saw track, a joint development between Yamaha and Camoplast. This track, on the RX Warrior as well as the RX-1, RX-1 ER and the SXViper S, has 1.25-inch-tall lugs and a new lug shape and pattern that should provide stud-like hookup. Yamaha claims the track gives a 2 mph increase.
Also on the RX Warrior is a 17-level clicker rear track shock and a 136-inch track. The clicker primarily adjusts rebound, but it also affects compression. It also gets wide running boards, new clutch calibrations, a longer
stabilizer linkage on the front suspension, thicker seat foam and handlebar-mounted controls. Reverse is standard. The chassis can accept up to a 1.5-inch lug height, though it comes with 1.25-inch lugs.
On the surface, there may appear little difference between the 2003 and 2004 RX-1. Dig a
little deeper and find a host of adjustments.
Marier said the engineers tried to make a lighter machine with quicker acceleration, flatter cornering and greater comfort. In doing that, the machine got more than 100 changes: everything from a new gas cap to new exhaust flanges.
While no single improvement seems to dominate the machine, the sum of all parts should equate to a better overall machine, and 5 pounds lighter.
Other RX-1 changes include thicker seat foam, memory reset on the warmer controls, aluminum upper A-arms, recalibrated rear suspension setting, and a longer stabilizer linkage. The RX-1 ER comes standard with reverse.
The RX-1 Mountain’s new features include a memory reset for the warmer controls, a new seat and aluminum upper A-arms.
Venom In The Two-Stroke Line
In the two-stroke lineup, the new goods are the SXVenom and SXVenom ER.
The machines get the SXViper styling, and the same 600cc engine from the now-retired SX 600R. The engine has new clutch calibrations for a more sporty feel, Marier said.
Other details include the ProAction Plus rear suspension, a Camoplast Predator track, saddleless skis, a new plush seat and handlebar-mounted controls. The ER gets electric start and reverse.
The popular SXViper gets a slight name adjustment to the SXViper S. Its 2004 upgrades start off with Öhlins adjustable shocks on the front suspension, which help eliminate feedback through the handlebars, Marier said. In the rear suspension, there’s a new KYB variable rate rear shock.
A bellypan protector also comes standard, as well
as saddleless skis, handle-
bar-mounted warmer controls and a more plush seat. The engine now comes with a Detonation Control System (DCS).
The SXViper ER gets nearly the same updates — minus the Rip Saw track (it comes with the Camoplast Predator track) and the Öhlins shocks. It does come with electric start and reverse.
Updates to the SXViper Mountain include a thicker seat, DCS and RX-1-style handlebar hand and thumb warmer controls.
The Venture 700, billed as a new machine, now comes with the SXViper styling. It has the SXViper 700 engine, with more power than its predecessor. Included with the engine
is DCS. The track, tested in Scandinavia, has cone-shaped lugs. As with the other machines, hand and thumb warmer controls are on the handlebars.
The Venture 600 also comes with the Viper-esque styling, a Predator track, a souped-up 600 engine and handlebar-mounted controls.
No changes will take place on the Mountain Max 700, and the only change for the VK 540 III is its color.

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