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Do your customers know you’re open 24/7?

Liz Hochstedler blogAs I was making my five-hour trek to the Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties NVP show in Madison, Wis., this past weekend, I observed all the powersports dealership branding I saw along the way.

One dealership had super clear branding, making its name visible from Interstate 94. Another had no name outside its building, just a few large Harley-Davidson logo signs. A third had purchased billboard space, but the cursive writing in its logo made the name hard to read while driving by.

But the dealership that really caught my eye wasn’t even in powersports. It was an auto dealership. What struck me was the can’t-miss wording on the side of one of its buildings. Facing the highway were probably 8-foot tall letters with the dealership’s website on it, proclaiming, “Open 24 hours.”

Now of course that dealership doesn’t have staff on hand to sell cars 24 hours a day, but what the store was trying to relate is that customers can go to its website 24 hours a day to view its inventory. What a novel idea!

And for most powersports dealerships, the concept goes even further. With all the PG&A in the industry, most dealerships have an online store open 24 hours. So not only can customers view the latest inventory (which of course should be updated regularly), but customers can also make purchases. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do your customers know that about your dealership?

Liz Keener is the managing editor of Powersports Business, a trade magazine for the powersports industry. She reports on the powersports industry through Powersports Business’ varied media, including in the magazine and online. She assembles the brand’s twice-a-week e-news and handles a variety of assignments for the magazine. Powersports Business is known for its exclusive national dealer surveys, in-depth industry analysis and dealership conference, Powersports Business Institute @ AIMExpo.


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