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Baseball: In Minnesota, it’s also a winter sport

Chris Gerber Blog 4-13It’s cold in Minnesota.

I should clarify: It’s unseasonably cold in Minnesota. With temperatures as low as the teens in late April, the Minnesota Twins are in a bit of a bind: A snowstorm had just passed through, dropping 3 inches around the Twin Cities, and the baseball team would be hosting the New York Mets at their new outdoor stadium.

As you can expect, turnout was not projected to be very high, but to encourage super-fans to brave the weather, the Minnesota Twins announced on their Facebook page that they would be giving fans free coffee and hot chocolate at the gates to help attendees stay warm huddled together under cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid thirties.

Hot cocoa and coffee seems like a small gesture in the grand scheme of things, but fans were impressed and delighted, quickly racking up “Likes” and “Shares” for the post, and many comments of happy fans.

With the prices normally charged for drinks at a game, it meant a lot to fans of the team; even among those who weren’t going. People were excited to see a team willing to make things a little bit more comfortable during the game. Fans were gearing up to sit in the cold and suffer through the game, and were excited to share the news that they would be a little less uncomfortable thanks to the team they were desperate to see.

Sometimes it doesn’t take a grand gesture to impress a customer. Little, unexpected things, like free coffee at a chilly baseball game or maybe topping up the oil after servicing a vehicle, can go a long way to boosting customer opinions and generate a little good will for your brand.

Too bad the good will couldn’t translate into good luck: Twins lost the game, 16-5.

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