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Define the industry’s toughest challenge

From our perspective, it’s not difficult to identify “must dos” in today’s changing marketplace.

And in fact, those are often addressed in Powersports Business.

Our perspective, however, may not be the same as yours, which could be more localized or more central to a particular market segment or consumer group.

That’s why in preparing for our annual dealer education conference and expo, it’s of utmost importance that we gather as much input from the industry as we can. What should this annual event, which drew more than 350 industry participants a year ago, focus on? General dealership management? Emerging profit centers, like the preowned and e-commerce segments? Or on the fundamentals, sales and marketing?

Help us identify just what should be the focus in this industry-wide event, scheduled for Sept. 19-21 in Las Vegas, by taking a short, to-the-point survey.

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One Comment

  1. I believe there are a number of segments that need attention.
    Here are my top 3
    1.) Attitude-It all starts here;when prospects come through the door what do they see,hear and feel?
    2.) Aptitude-Are the staff members experts or merely inexpensive employee’s filling seats and putting in their time?
    3.) Options- When traditional financing options (In all Departments) break down what options are dealers offering to their prospects before they walk out the door?

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