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Take advantage of a looming deadline

This tax season, it likely will be worth your while to concentrate not only on potential additional retail possibilities, but wholesale ones as well.

In contacting some 20 dealers a week ago, we found half of those reported better new unit sales this March than the previous-year month. Another 40 percent of those dealers reported decreasing new unit sales. However, much of that group also had another important message: Yes, our new unit sales are still declining, but that’s not the case with our preowned business. In fact, many were reporting double-digit percentage increases in the used sector. And that message was heard not only in the metric world, but in the European and Harley segments as well.

That’s why if you haven’t renewed your “We buy used bikes” classified ad in the local paper or bought that “Approved trade-in” sticker for your service writers’ ROs, then there may never be a better time than now to do just that.

The tax deadline, after all, is right around the corner.

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