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The best day of the week for online sales?

You’ve heard of March Madness? Well don’t discount Monday Madness. Or the number of enthusiasts who go online the first day back from the weekend to do some laptop shopping from work.

Would you believe an important category of online buyers is larger in number on Monday than any weekend day? It’s true, according to data provided by Web site and e-commerce provider 50 Below.

The data, which includes information from more than 2,000 dealerships, shows that the first Monday of March drew on average more unique customers per store Web site than either Saturday or Sunday. An average unique customer, of course, is the consumer who is purchasing on that particular dealership Web site for the first time.

So why do so many shop on Monday when they probably have more time to do so on Saturday or Sunday? It probably goes back to what they would prefer to do on their weekend — ride.

All of which presents an interesting point — if you’re doing some sort of online special say on a weekly or monthly basis, then why not start it on a Monday morning rather than a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning?

And one last point: For those of you still not convinced of the number of people turning to the Web for their everyday lives, consider this. More than 3 million unique viewers tuned into the first day of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, according to That’s up 11 percent over last year.

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