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Uncovering the golden nugget at Dealer Expo

It’s hard to own up to this, but here goes: In a sea of parts and accessories at the recently held Dealer Expo, the one item that really grabbed my interest wasn’t actually a part or accessory. Strange, huh?

Instead it’s a service that could do a whole lot of good things for the sale of parts and accessories. Of course, first it has to come together as discussed in Indy and then it has to be taken advantage by enough dealers.

What is that service? A cost-efficient insurance program aimed at test riders.

You see, the largest new bike buyer study we’re aware of — the annual J.D. Power and Associates’ survey — annually shows the utter importance of test rides at the time of purchase. Nearly two out of every three bike buyers say test rides had a “strong influence” on their decision to buy.

And yet, largely, metric consumers are more likely to “test ride” a motorcycle model courtesy their friend than their local dealership. Can you imagine if we could change that, and what in turn that would do the sale of parts and accessories, especially higher-end items?

Not all the details of the new insurance program are available quite yet, but we’ll have them in Powersports Business shortly.

Stay tuned!

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