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Don’t let it go to waste

Neil Pascale - Editor-In-Chief, Powersports Business MagazineThere is an intelligent, valid effort under way to promote retail sales for the industry that is falling on deaf ears.

And really, that’s a shame.

It’s an effort that provides a service without a cost to the dealer or the aftermarket supplier. It’s a win-win, and yet it’s losing steam simply because we’re all operating with our business-as-usual mindsets.

The effort provides free marketing materials to the dealer, who then can use these materials in whatever manner that best suits their store. It does not provide the money to support a marketing campaign but at the very least it provides an effective — and smartly designed — reason to reach out to that all-important client — your consumer database.

It’s a total home run as an idea because it provides something many low-staffed dealerships are absolutely suffering from — lack of marketing help.

If it’s so great, why hasn’t it caught fire?

Because aftermarket suppliers are not coming forward with enough promotions to promote, which is extremely odd considering the bulk of aged aftermarket inventory out there, and dealers have been slow to use it.

This is your chance to turn that around.

If you’re an aftermarket supplier, contact Cam Arnold at the Motorcycle Industry Council, which is coordinating the marketing effort, called “Revive Your Ride!” Arnold can be reached at carnold@mic.rog.

If you’re a dealer, contact Arnold at the above e-mail address or at the MIC booth at Dealer Expo in Indianapolis. The MIC is intent on making the program a better fit for all parties, dealers included.

Don’t let a terrific idea — and a free service — go to waste.


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  1. We’ve been using the program and think it’s great. Cam has done a great job of personalizing the messages and is very prompt in responding. We are currently using the Valentine card on Facebook and in an e-mail blast campaign.

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