Stupid or brilliant?

While surfing the Internet, I came across a product that, to put it bluntly, looked ridiculous to me. There have been times, however, that my judgment has been way off, and I’ve been completely dumbfounded by what the market not only accepted, but loved.

That being said, before I laugh this motorcycle air conditioning and heating system right out the door, I thought I’d get your opinions.

Should I care about this? Why or why not?

The product: EntroSys Motorcycle Air Conditioning system

The EntroSys Motorcycle Air Conditioning system comprises two main subsystems: a compact personal air conditioner unit and a lightweight air delivery garment. Conditioned air – cooled or heated – is driven into the riding gear through an air hose. The A/C unit is controlled by a key-chain wireless remote control unit. Visit for more information. What do YOU think? Would you give it a shot?


  1. Well… my opinion this has got to be pretty strange. Heated seats, heated grips…all great add ons and tools for hardcore riders and for those that love to ride as many months of the year as possible, but lets be serious. Isn’t this a bit much. Personally this would be something that I would NEVER consider buying and just can not fatham the fact that your average…above average or under average rider would consider. Just my opinion. Good Luck to Entrosys…stranger things have happened. Look at the “Pet Rock”….marketing…marketing…marketing….

  2. I live outside Sacramento… I can’t tell you how many times on a ride in July I’d love to have something like this… Not necessarily that wonky looking, but it’s not an insane idea by any means.

  3. Thomas R. Battman

    I can see a touring guy riding with that – but I’d like to try it on my ATV! People love ridiculous products, but I’d be curious to see the price tag on this bad boy. Good topic KG!

  4. The cooling part might prove to be popular, heated whatever sells well! I remember a guy around here who used to run the exhaust up his pants leg in the wintertime. And he was riding a two stroke! Hard to figure what people will do.

  5. It seems that keeping warm when the weather turns cold has extended the riding season for many riders. Keeping cool has not been addressed up to now and for those in hot climates will probably look at this product. Many riders shed lot of protection in the heat in order help keep cool this type of product could help keep people safer and extend thier riding during hot days.

  6. Brilliant! Nothing to look at. Hard to figure out any details from the photo but the concept is way cool! Could be a hot product! Puns intended. If the price is right will sell a bunch to serious long distance riders and commuters.

  7. If it’ll get me a few more days/hours/miles of actually riding my bike, there’s merit to it. Will it sell? I don’t feel qualified in the slightest to answer that.

  8. Since I was unable to even get a glimpse of an MSRP for this unit, I will take a guess that it’s VERY expensive…So, if the BMW riders out there care to justify this expense, then go for it !

  9. The summers are hot as you know what here. And with the proper riding gear on, it can get really uncomfortable (especially in traffic)! I think it will sell if it’s reasonably priced!

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