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An idea to boost your customer loyalty

neil-blogIn the current era of “do more with less,” this idea holds plenty of promise. Take a small stipend from each new unit sale and place it in a “customer service pot.” Then spend that sum at the end of the year on your best customers in a gesture that not only says “thank you for your business” but “when’s the last time you came in to look at the new ABC Brand new unit?”

It’s an idea that comes straight from Ottawa, Ill., home of Starved Rock Harley-Davidson. The good folks there take $15 out of each new unit sale and then fund certain service department work that may not be covered by warranty, but that will go a long way toward building consumer loyalty.

What could be smarter in this retail environment?

Some dealers may point at considerably squeezed new unit profit margins and thus dismiss the idea. However, think about what you could do with that pot of money, even if it means taking only $20 from the next 200 new unit sales. That’s $4,000 to spoil your best customers.

Not to mention, 4,000 ways to do more with less.

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