A priceless moment at the Powersports Business event

Neil PascaleFor those of you who were unable to join us earlier this month at Indianapolis for the first-ever Powersports Business Conference and Expo, you missed a terrific moment in the "State of the Industry" panel that isn't mentioned in our front-page report in the coming edition.

But boy does it bear remembering.

Tucker Rocky President Steve Johnson was citing the importance of getting the young generation involved in powersports when he happened to mention one of the youth ATV models parked in his garage. That ATV just happened to be a model sold by a competitor to Suzuki, whose national sales manager, Rod Lopusnak, was sitting right next to Johnson.

Johnson, a friend and former colleague of Lopusnak's, realized what he had done, paused and then said with a grin, "I guess I shouldn't have said that."

That led to some hilarious antics where Johnson tried to make up for it by mentioning other models in his garage - including a Suzuki - and Lopusnak eventually grabbing Johnson's microphone and turning it away from him.

In a day otherwise filled with education and insights on a very difficult economy, it was a light moment worth remembering.

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