What are you doing?

karin_webWhat are you doing to attract new customers? What are you doing to keep existing customers intrigued? At a recent dealer 20 group meeting I attended, dealers were required to put money into a pot. Each dealer presented an "outside the box" idea to increase sales or help their businesses in some form. If they didn't have an idea, they had to pay an even greater amount of money. After the ideas were presented, dealers voted on the best one, and the dealers with the two most popular ideas collected the pot.

Whether you're in a 20 group or not, this concept can be applied at any store using department managers or staff. Challenge them to come up with ideas to run the dealership more efficiently, reduce expenses or whatever it might be. Make a pot and suddenly everyone's interested. You could take it as far as the 20 group meeting I attended, and charge a penalty to staff members who choose not to participate.

There's a long road ahead of us in the powersports industry, and I think we'll have to wait until next summer to see any real signs of economic recovery. But in the meantime, dig deep for those "outside the box" ideas, and cash in.

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