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karin_webWe at Powersports Business are providing our audience with yet another option for how to get their news. We've created PSBInsider on Twitter, where our readers will be updated immediately with breaking news, blogs, event announcements and other industry info, getting them the news they need first. To view the latest updates, visit

This site will allow Powersports Business to deliver breaking news faster and further convenience its readers by posting it all in one place. This won't replace our biweekly e-newsletter. It's merely another option for readers who have embraced social media.

For those of you unfamiliar with Twitter, don't cringe at the thought of another social networking site just yet. The purpose of this site is to get the latest news and updates for the industry in one area and faster than ever before. You'll see headlines, which will have a link to the original story, as well as event reminders and other info pertinent to the powersports industry. You decide what people/companies you want to "follow" (subscribe to their updates). If you decide you don't want to see someone's updates anymore, simply remove them from your "follow" list. That's the best part of Twitter: You decide.

All of Powersports Business' updates on breaking news, blogs, event reminders and other industry info can be viewed at PSBInsider. To subscribe, visit

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