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A frustrating sign of the times

Neil PascaleIn eastern California there is a stretch of highway that riders are infinitely familiar with due to the breathtaking scenery. It’s called I-395 and this time of the year, construction signs declaring, “Your tax dollars at work” are almost as populous as the sagebrush.

Having an inkling of the frustration mounting over the long-ago passed national stimulus bill, I’m wondering if we can somehow duplicate that California highway sign and place it atop motorcycles at the Treasury Department. Except we’ll need to change the wording to, “Our tax dollars aren’t at work!”

You see, more than two months ago the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) sent a letter to the Treasury Department asking for answers on some key questions surrounding the stimulus package, notably how it could affect motorcycle sales. Questions that we in the industry were asking to help dealers explain the significance of the stimulus package to consumers. 

Questions like: Are off-road motorcycles to be included in the tax breaks? Or, will all model years, or noncurrents, be included in the tax break? How about 2010 models that will start appearing in showrooms this fall?

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from a member of the AMA government relations team notifying me that those questions, and others, had yet to be answered. More than two months later – when the industry has seen its worst spring on-road motorcycle sales in who knows how long – and not a single answer from the Treasury Department.

We can’t get those “Our tax dollars aren’t at work!” signs printed and posted in D.C. fast enough.

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