Expanding your marketing campaign

Karin GelschusDid you know that NASCAR fans are 82 percent more likely to buy a motorcycle than a person who's not an auto racing fan? Did you know the No. 1 pastime for snowmobilers when they're not riding is camping? Since a lot of my job consists of talking to experts in the powersports industry, I run across many random facts. While some of them are just that - fun, useless facts - the stats I just mentioned can make or break your marketing plan.

By better knowing your customer, and what they do outside of powersports, you'll have a better chance of reaching them.

For example, did you know 70 percent of people who own a boat or PWC also own a snowmobile? So Ed Klim, president of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association, suggests putting snowmobiles on display at a boat show.

Powersports companies aren't just competing against one another, they're competing against all businesses that sell nonessential products. While that's always been the case, it's even more important to consider now because of the reduced disposal income at hand.

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