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Neil PascaleWith the current economy and the severe effects it has had on our industry, it wouldn’t be  surprising to me to see fewer OEMs have dealer shows this summer and fall. For us here at Powersports Business, that would be a huge letdown, not only because we love the glitz and glamour of these shows as much as you do, but more importantly, it’s our time to reconnect with our readership.

And that’s priceless.

Thankfully, our new Industry Insiders blog gives us that ability. I know, “blogging” is certainly new to me as well but I think this online experience is where we’re all headed, even if some of us have to get there with our fingernails dragging along the ground.

Even given these obstacles, I’m really excited to be able to introduce what is a terrific cast of “industry insiders.” We don’t want to spoil all the fun of announcing just who’s going to join our VIP list, but we think you’ll be returning here quite often. And hopefully, you’ll lend your “voice” to the blog so we can, as an industry, reconnect in a more timely way than even the dealer meetings present.

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