It is time to start doing

Information overload, FOMO (fear of missing out), indecision and procrastination. With the sheer amount of information available today, it’s difficult not to get caught up in it all. But at what expense?

The clock ticks on without stopping, and the continuous review, analysis and indecisions are causing you not to take action. Great is the enemy of the good and sometimes good is good enough.

But inaction and procrastination are killing your business.

Now I’m not here telling you not to strive for the best and do what you need to do, but the lack of action is sabotaging your results and comparing yourself to Insta-Famous bloggers and personalities isn’t going to get you anywhere. Neither is the constant checking of follower numbers or how many Facebook likes you have. If you have one, you’re doing OK. After all, one is better than none, right?

OK, so that’s great and all, but what does it mean for my dealership or marketing efforts?

Well, it means you need to use what you have before asking for more. Far too many people don’t take the step because of a reason not to. They don’t have the right software or correct camera or some other random excuse. How often have you heard “If I had this, then I would have done that?” Well, this post is intended to get you out of your office and doing. Enough talking about it — take action.

It means taking the time to understand the tools that you do have available and using them to the fullest before asking for more or thinking you don’t have what you need. It means starting the blog, or social media account or newsletter. It means using all of those fancy tools you already have in the service department. It means following up on cold leads in sales and asking for the sale when the customer is in front of you. It means suggestive selling at the parts counter and recommending the appropriate repairs at the service desk.

I’m talking about simple things, using all of the features of your CRM system to follow up on old leads in sales, upsell in P&A and recommend when it’s time for a spring tune-up.

You don’t need thousands of dollars in cameras to produce videos and photos for your website. Just a well-lit location and any modern cell phone will do the trick.


It also means taking advantage of the mailing list you do have to deliver valuable content. Are you producing a monthly newsletter with tips and tricks from the experts on your staff? Is your team contributing content for your social media? Look around and realize the experts that you do have available are already on the payroll and don’t forget to take advantage of your vendor reps as well, they are full of great information.

So get up out of your office and put these items in place. No excuses, no procrastination, no delays. You have enough resources to get some of these suggestions in place. The saying “I’m gonna” needs to be replaced with “I did” and as the old Nike saying goes, “Just do it”!

Scott Lukaitis is a writer, photographer and powersports industry professional with more than 25 years of experience from the dealership to the manufacturer level. He owns and provides content for his websites,, and and is currently the chief operating officer at Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant.

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