Prepare for customers as the holidays approach

In last month’s blog, I wrote about what to be doing for the next three months. … Well, how have you used this information? Do you use the information? You know, the holiday sales season game is on! You should be straight up in sell, promote; sell, promote; and more sell and promote. This season is retail’s Super Bowl! This is where we get to focus on putting out great displays, promotions, or at the very least, communication to customers new and existing and sell our you-know-what’s off!

Great displays are focused on specific gift-oriented products, such as: gear bags, cameras, tool kits, locks, bike covers, helmets, gear packages, jackets, gloves, eye protection, gear sets for off-road riders, boots, chaps, vests, heated riding gear, goggles, saddlebags and more, more, more!

Specialized product displays with a focus are common. Go to any large, mainstream retailer, and you’ll see that they are all pushing something and usually its electronics, some toy, or a super product that most of the year would be just a regular item but, when its holiday season – BAM! – right between the eyes is this you-gotta-have-this product push. You will find in all cases that the product is priced right; its features are widely in demand, and it has a specialness about it. That is what makes a great gift. Toys are good, as are towels and skateboards. But for the riders, look to push specialty products like electric heated riding gear. Husbands are usually so clueless about gifts for their wives, and if they are riders, they will want to buy motorcycle products for the wives. Great! Much better than a vacuum! But show that husband a set of heated riding gear for his wife, and he will be sold, and so will she. Even if she only rides twice a year, they will be a warm and happy rides for her and him! Products can save relationships!

Here are some steps to create a good holiday display:

  • Choose at least six products or brands to feature for holiday sales.
  • Find the products.
  • Assemble all related products and items.
  • Get or create signage and graphics.
  • Display it prominently.
  • Add holiday décor – snowflakes, holiday greenery, etc.
  • Add stock. If it’s selling well to start, keep the display full through holidays.
  • Advertise the price or package price but focus on the products’ features or benefits to consumers.
  • Add customer or employee reviews of products on an 8-by-10-inch sign. Endorsements are powerful.
  • Make your display feel and look attractive!
  • Promote the featured holiday items on Facebook, on your website, in email blasts and in handouts! Also use mailers if  your budget allows.

Your store is the place for great gifts, and you may not recognize that yet. Take action to make sure you put pre-grouped products front and center, and be totally focused on creating and driving greater holiday sales. People are shopping now; be that place to solve holiday gift-giving mania.


  1. flalalalalala Nov 26th is Small business shopping day! Encourage it powersports stores are small business too!

  2. Thanks for the tip, Jennifer. You inspired my latest blog about Small Business Saturday! Thanks!

  3. Sweet! Small business is our business!

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