Riding off the recession in Daytona

Despite the cold temperatures and waning economy, Chicken Little’s sky did not fall on Daytona Bike Week this year. It fact, it flourished, proving motorcycle riders will not give up their beloved sport when times, or weather, are tough.

There may have been moments when the number of riders attending the myriad events in south Florida was smaller than last year’s, but cash registers proved otherwise during the cold, but clear Bike Week. Business was brisk and overall accessory sales were up!

What changed? Customer confidence? Hoarded cash? Pent-up cabin fever? All are likely possibilities, but “Riding Off the Recession” seemed the defiant order of the day in Daytona.

Sure, new unit sales are down, but riding mileages and tire usage in the big bike classifications seem to be fairly level. If customers are squeezing their pocket books on rent, utilities bills and new vehicle payments at home, they seem to be spending it on chrome, performance parts and riding accessories for their “old bike” in Daytona instead.

May Harley’s marketing campaign of last year, “Screw it! Just ride” and MIC’s new campaign for this year “Revive Your Ride” both permeate the attitudes of more riders and local dealers … nationwide!

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