Completing the new product cycle

Where is the first place you look when visiting your local dealership? In my experience, I am often drawn directly to the new bikes and new products to check out the latest and greatest. It seems like many enthusiasts do the same, like moths blindly flocking to a light. Rider enthusiasts are attached to new and innovative products.

Although some aftermarket companies have been forced to cut back on new products, many leading brands have continued to invest in R&D. These new products present dealers the opportunity to both drive sales and differentiate themselves from other deals.

We are finding that dealers are able to capitalize on new, innovative products by emphasizing them in their showrooms. Whether it’s a new products section, special signage, digital TV programming … anything that will draw consumers toward that shiny new widget that they just can’t live without.

Manufacturers spend a lot of money pushing their new products in print ads. Online retailers, blogs and industry sites are filled with the information. Where are the traditional dealers fitting in? It only seems to complete the cycle when dealers push the same products that manufacturers and online mediums have already prepped the consumer to want.

What is your dealership doing to complete the cycle?

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