If you could save money and improve your showroom’s look, would you?

Is that a leading question or what? What I am leading to is LED lighting. LED is quickly on track to becoming more affordable and easier to purchase. LED lighting for many powersport retailers could help cut long-term costs. Many dealerships were designed with a high concentration of track lighting (accent lighting). Incandescent track lights are expensive to run, very hot (hard to adjust heads without a special glove) and they burn out, often leaving lots of dead lighting.  

The No. 1 priority of mainstream retailers is lighting. Your lighting can affect your sales. Areas of the store that have very low and dull light levels can create dead zones! Dead zones are places where nothing sells. No dealer can ever afford to have unused showroom spaces. If your dealership has turned off some of the track lights in order to save on the powerbill, look into the LEDs as replacements.

Here are the facts.

The good of LED bulbs:

  • LED lighting is the best choice for reducing energy use. The bulbs are three-five times more expensive, but you won’t have to replace them three to five times a year like an incandescent bulb!.
  • LED bulbs last 50,000 hours, CFL bulbs 6,000 and incandescent bulbs approximately 2,000 hours
  • LED bulbs don’t interfere with radio or TV reception.
  • They add very little heat output.
  • Great for feature/spot or decorative lighting and under cabinet displays.


The Bad

  • Pricey
  • Not good for general lights (lighting an entire space)
  • Still working toward energy star ratings
  • Somewhat limited varieties

For retailers that run a lot of spotlights to accent showrooms, I highly suggest trying a set of LED bulbs in a section of track to see the difference in light output and heat.  

Some local home stores are now offering LED bulb for spotlights/small headed tracks and can lighting.

Let us know if you have already started to convert your stores into LED technology?



  1. Hi Jennifer. I understand you’re referring to internal lighting for dealerships here, but do you have any knowledge of LED lighting for the vehicles themselves? We’re developing an electric scooter with one of our clients, and are looking for DOT approved LED headlights as the power consumption of most regular units is too high. We’re also considering using a regular unit and simply replacing the bulbs with LEDs as an interim solution, so any information on lighting suppliers in the US would be welcome. Foreign suppliers have been universally unreliable and slow to respond.

    Many thanks,


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