How to ‘green light’ the customer

Brian EtterToday's economy and headlines are telling consumers "NO! Don't spend ...Wait."  Consumers inquire more, are no longer impulsive, are tentative, selective and often worry about purchasing at full retail. They are being trained to expect discounts and fire sales. A consumer with dollars in their pockets feels more confident that they have the upper hand. Many successful retailers are driving sales by giving customers an excuse to buy.

Permission to buy is especially important for the big-ticket items. In these tough times, spending decisions are second guessed. The consumer is looking for permission, an excuse, anything that can help them to justify their new purchase. They want to go home, or to their friends and families and brag about how they could not pass it up.

Permission to buy is much more than price discounting. Value added services like installation, maintenance and companion items can be the trigger to justify the decision.

Consumers want to spend; they just need a little help. The business is still there for the ones that can figure out how to "green light" the customer.

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