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Enginuity Motor Works Twin-Cam
Specifications — This patented Twin-Cam motor is available in 3 sizes:
124″ (4.125″ x 4.625″); 135″ (4.310″ x 4.625); and 147″ (4.500″ x 4.625″) with half the moving parts of other twin-cam lower ends.
Benefits — EVO engine mounts, roller tipped rocker arms, fully adjustable push-rods,
Nikasil cylinders, all-billet top end construction, all O-ring design, proprietary crankcase oil evacuation and three-piece crankshaft offering integrated shaft/wheel design and large diameter straight crank pin.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for price.
Contact — Enginuity Motor Works,

Specifications — Designed specifically to accommodate EVO and TC88 engines with strokes up to 4 ” the Pro-Builder can be used with left or right hand drive units, accepts 180/200 and 250 tires and features CNC machined steel tabs and brackets throughout.
Benefits — Designated the Pro-Builder Rigid, this build-to-order chassis incorporates a number of unique design features including the optional single downtube, pointed motor mount and rear axle housings.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for price.
Contact — PRO-ONE, 800/884-4173.

Specifications — Machined from T-6 billet aluminum barstock and polished to a high luster
finish, each spacer in the Master Builder Wheel Spacer kit is ready to go. Two kits are offered, one contains 24 spacers and the other 56. Each kit contains 4 each of sizes up to 2″, and 2 each of the 2″ and 3″ spacers.
Benefits — provide a wide variety of custom cut spacers in the most commonly used sizes.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for Price.
Contact — Doherty Machine, 800/956-9409.

Specifications — Now available in the U.S., Repsol branded petroleum products have long served motorcyclists in Europe and Latin America, with the company sponsoring riders including Angelo Nieto, Barry Sheene, Mick Doohan, Alex Criville, Valentino Rossi and, this year, Nicky Hayden.
Benefits — A variety of petroleum-based products to keep powersports equipment running smoothly.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for price.
Contact — Motorcycle Stuff, 800/325-3673.

Mustang for 2004 Sportster
Specifications — Solos are sold complete with mounting hardware; rear seats include a quick-detach kit and an extra fender mount nut. Both available with or without chrome studs.
Benefits — Engineered for extended riding pleasure, Mustang’s solo is deeply pocketed, not crowned at the top like the original seat, so the rider gets the feeling of sitting into the motorcycle, not on it. Rear seats are supported by internal steel wings to hold up the full width of the foam, eliminating sagging at the edges and the back.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for price.
Contact — Mustang, 800/243-1392.

American Suspension
Specifications — Available in 63 mm inverted, fully chrome, 2″ under to 16″ over; many sizes in stock.
Benefits — These inverted forks provide a one-of-a-kind, clean, smooth custom style. The triple trees are CNC-machined and smoothly contoured. And at the bottom, billet end caps have hidden axle threads and smoothly rounded ends.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for price.
Contact — RC Components, 270/842-6000.

ContiForce Max
Specifications —Designed for the high-speed, high-power demands of open-class sport bikes, the ContiForce Max sport radial is as good during a trackday session as it is on the streets.
Benefits — Said to offer exceptionally quick warm-up times, excellent wet grip and a reduced tendency to track road irregularities.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for price.
Contact — Continental Tire North America, Inc, 973/471-8890.

Specifications — the SmarTire tire monitoring system that gauges air pressure and temperature via a wireless unit providing up to seven years of operation on one battery.
Benefits — Reduce accident risk, increase tire life, increase fuel efficiency and maximize
performance. Weather proof for all climate conditions.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for price.
Contact — SmarTire Systems Inc., 604/276-9884.

Santee Frames
Specifications — Santee’s new ‘Tall Boy’ frames are fabricated out of 1-3/8″ seamless D.O.M. tubing, with a 10” downtube stretch and 6” backbone stretch leading into an outrageous 43° neck angle.
Benefits — Available in either a swingarm or rigid design; fits all Evolution type motors, including strokers and 5/6-speed transmissions. CNC machined ‘blind’ axle mounts will fit a 250 tire.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for price.
Contact — Custom Chrome, 800/729-3332.


Vortex CBR600RR Rear-Sets
Specifications — Rear-sets for the 2003 and 2004 Honda CBR600RR feature optimum street rider comfort and more ground clearance for racers.
Benefits — Fully adjustable. Allows for reverse (GP) shifting. New bearing-supported levers offer smoother, more accurate and positive shifting, and the solid mount foot pegs aid in crash protection.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for price.
Contact — Vortex, 800/440-3559.

BMC Air Filter
Specifications — Product covers Japanese and European bikes as well as Harley-Davidson’s V-Rod and S&S Engineering’s Teardrop housing.
Benefits — Originating in Formula One competition, BMC Air Filters from Italy have also been used by some of the top professional motorcycle road race teams, including Team Yamaha Belgarda, Suzuki’s Team Alstare Corona, and Honda’s Team BKM.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for price.
Contact — Tucker Rocky, 800/347-1010.

Specifications — Available in a range of brake pad compounds for metric and American motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, scooters and ATVs.
Benefits — Upgraded pads and shoes for less fade and more control.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for price.
Contact — Parts Unlimited, 608/758-1111

Specifications — Ferodo offers a number of brake pad options for sport bikes, including SinterGrip ST brake pads.
Benefits — Featuring a copper coated backplate allowing for a high degree of bonding and reduced corrosion, reduced thermal build up and longer life.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for price.
Contact — Brake Tech, 909/471-3476.

Ken Sean Mini Carbon Oval Mirrors
Specifications — Lens size 4″ x 2″; 5-inch stem length; Available in 10mm Universal mount and Yamaha reverse right thread.
Benefits — Custom oval housing is virtually vibration free. Get the look of carbon fiber without spending a fortune.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for price.
Contact — FTM Enterprises, 760/732-3161.

Memphis Shades Sport Screens
Specifications — Available for all the popular late-model sportbikes; installs with OE hardware.
Benefits — Smooth-flowing gradient tint and clear screens are perfect for riders who want a custom look without sacrificing vision when tucked-in behind the bubble.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for price.
Contact — Parts Unlimited, 608/758-1111.

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