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Garland to Depart AIH, Sipes Promoted

Wil Garland plans to leave his CEO position at American IronHorse Motorcycle Co. (AIH) on August 31 to pursue another career opportunity.
Garland has been with Ft. Worth-based AIH for two years and has helped make moves with new production systems, dealer development programs and marketing initiatives.
Garland will assume a new position as President of Cannon Solutions, a $3.2 billion global subsidiary of IMI plc that provides custom point-of-purchase merchandising and direct marketing systems. Prior to joining American IronHorse, he held top executive positions with worldwide institutions, such as Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, the Pentland Group and ADS Corp.
Founding American IronHorse Board of Director and current Chairman, Dwayne A. Moyers, will assume Garland's responsibilities until an executive search is complete. Moyers also is Chairman and CEO of Xponential Inc., which is AIH's largest shareholder.
“We are very glad to have had Wil's leadership these last few years. He has been a strong visionary and he has helped to greatly improve our business environment,” said Moyers. “Wil also has been a vital asset in helping to strengthen our core team of managers here at IronHorse. We value his time served with AIH and we wish him the very best in his new endeavor.”
In other AIH news, chief sales leader Gary Sipes has been promoted to Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Sipes has been with American IronHorse for five years and was formerly National Sales Director. He also has held former management positions in sales and marketing with Yamaha Motor Corp. and Chrome Specialties.
In his new post, Sipes will take command of all marketing programs, including advertising, communications, dealer co-op, events, and promotions. Additionally, he will lead the company's Canadian operations.

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