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Kawasaki, Suzuki Boost Production in Japan

Japan's four major motorcycle manufacturers produced 133,684 units in June, up 4,580 units or 3.5 percent compared to the production of 129,104 units in June 2005, said Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA). Combined production for the first six months of the year totaled 878,169 units, nearly equal to the production of 878,154 units during the same six months last year.
In June Honda produced 49,982 units, up from 49,496 units in June 2005; Kawasaki produced 13,755, up from 12,999 units; Suzuki produced 41,933 units, up from 30,153 units; and Yamaha produced 27,965 units, down from 36,413 units.
For the six months ended June 30, Honda produced 271,157 units, down from 289,942 units during the same six months in 2005; Kawasaki produced 120,165 units, up from 104,758 units; Suzuki produced 261,677 units, up from 238,598 units; and Yamaha produced 224,894 units, down from 244,622 units.

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