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HISUN off to strong start

By By Dave McMahon

New UTV offers Level Flight Suspension to boost ride

HISUN USA made its debut selling ATVs and side-by-sides under the HISUN brand name in October during AIMExpo in Orlando, and its momentum is carrying strong into 2015.

With assembly facilities in Texas, the wholly owned subsidiary of a 7.1 million-square-foot factory in China recently launched the Sector, its newest offering in the utility UTV segment. It’s part of HISUN’s 2015 lineup that includes 14 UTVs and seven ATVs.

The Sector lineup features the company’s race-inspired Level Flight Suspension systems and its factory-built engines. Aluminum rims, roofs, windshields, LED lighting, winches and other accessories are included as standard equipment. It’s available in 250, 450, 550, 750 and 1000cc engine sizes. The Sector 1000 is powered by a 976cc EFI 4-stroke twin-cylinder engine. It offers on-demand four-wheel drive, along with low/high range with locking differential. Nitrogen performance shocks and a hydraulic power cargo dump bed also are part of the Sector 1000 package.

The all-new Strike, available in 250, 800 and 1000cc offerings as well as with a 1000 crew seating, has been off to a strong start on the sport UTV side.

The HISUN Sector 550 is part of the company’s lineup of 14 UTVs and seven ATVs.

The HISUN Sector 550 is part of the company’s lineup of 14 UTVs and seven ATVs.

The Level Flight Suspension system is the result of 30 years of racing and design experience, and inspired by trophy truck racing suspensions. Ryan Daugherty, vice president of sales and marketing for HISUN, says the system delivers a smooth ride over the most demanding terrain, while bringing a sports car-like performance to the trails. Anti-roll and neutral-to-slightly understeer handling meet all current and proposed U.S. safety standards for stability, he added.

“We have a test track at the factory, which features every type of on-road and off-road condition imaginable,” Daugherty said. “We even have a water feature that sinks the units to the doors.”

Daugherty has seen the Sector become an early hit with independent dealers and franchised dealers alike.

“It’s a value proposition to the consumer,” he said. “Accessories are our standard, and we mean that. Consumers get all the power and features they expect, at about $4,000-$6,000 less than you’d pay for a comparable model with the same standard accessories. Then when they learn about the Level Flight Suspension system, which meets all current and future stability standards the CPSC is proposing; well, there’s a lot to like.”

UTV accessories as standard equipment include a hard top roof, two-piece windshield, side mirrors, winch, bumper, headlights and turn signals, aluminum rims, camo and power steering.

HISUN hired a well-recognized suspension dynamics engineer to develop the Level Flight Suspension.

“When consumers ride it, there’s not a lot of discussion. They say it’s the best riding, handling vehicle they’ve ridden, period. The proposed CPSC regulations have squelched the handling of a lot of the products out there, but we don’t find that to be the case. We’re already exceeding those proposed standards with this system,” Daugherty said.

And as one of only a few manufacturers that offers a lineup of ATVs and UTVs from 100cc to 1000cc, HISUN figures to make its mark with a range of dealers. One dealer expects to retail more than 200 HISUN units in 2015.

“I don’t think our end-user is any different than a buyer of one of the other major brands,” Daugherty said. “More consumers are able to enter this market because of the lower price, but with specifications they would normally pay quite a bit more for.”

Because of the company’s history of private labeling in the U.S., there is a familiarity with the product by dealers.

“I always tell people we’re one of the biggest names in utility vehicles that most people have never heard of,” Daugherty said. “It’s almost like they’re saying ‘Well finally, you’re selling under the manufacturer’s name.’ It’s shocking to me how well we’re recognized by dealers, when we just started selling under the HISUN brand in September.”

HISUN’s HS Series of UTVs, in the marketplace since 2006, continues to be offered in 400, 500, 700, 750 crew and 800cc crew configurations.

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