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SBT celebrates 2,000 hours of product testing

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SBT, Inc. operates one of the most extensive PWC testing programs in the world. Every year, the testing team racks up thousands of hours on the water verifying the performance, durability and endurance of the products that carry the SBT name.

Product testing begins every year around September and ends in May. SBT’s testing process involves both initial testing on the dyno and accelerated durability on the water. During testing, the riders are responsible for carefully monitoring all aspects of the PWC. This includes providing detailed product feedback on how the ski handles, sounds and performs with the various parts installed. Each part is tested for 100+ hours. Every part must meet or exceed SBT’s quality standards — if it doesn’t, then they won’t sell it.

“We take a lot of pride in our testing procedures and our team of riders”, said Cj Lammers, president of SBT, Inc. “This is the backbone that makes SBT parts so reliable and sets us apart from the competition. We are the only company in the PWC parts industry with these high testing standards.”

Adam Letteri, one of the SBT riders agreed, “Testing is important to make sure our parts precede the OEM specs. Some days we are out there and it’s storming, cold and choppy, but we have to ride anyways. We have to get those hours on the skis and make sure the parts are to spec. We back all of our parts up with hours.”

This summer concluded another strong testing season for SBT, with over 2,000 hours logged by the team. Each and every year SBT is back out on the water, making sure the parts they sell are the highest quality parts in the industry.

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