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Custom Dynamics lights up the industry

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Liz Keener, Managing Editor
April 9, 2014
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When Custom Dynamics exhibits at an industry trade show, its booth is hard to miss. Glowing with numerous lights, the company’s booth usually catches the eye of many show attendees.

Powersports Business recently caught up with Megan Barrett, business manager of North Carolina-based Custom Dynamics, to learn about the latest in lighting technology and trends.

PSB: What kind of motorcycles do your products fit?

Megan Barrett: “They fit pretty much everything — anything 12-volt DC, even side-by-sides or ATVs. We do have some Harley-specific; we have some Can-Am Spyder; we have Yamaha parts; and we have universal that will go pretty much anywhere.”

PSB: How is lighting technology advancing, especially with LEDs?

MB: “There’s a lot of advantages to LEDs. They illuminate quicker; they’re less power draw; they’re brighter, so we see a variety of markets that are picking them up. Some people want them because they’re safer. Some people want them because they look cooler; they give a different look, and so we’re following that. LEDs have gotten brighter, less draw, so we’re constantly reinventing our products and using the latest technology.”

PSB: In the ’90s, it became really popular to light up bikes. Is that still something that riders are doing?

MB: “That’s still very popular. We kind of thought that bubble would burst, but it hasn’t; it still seems to be going strong. The more operational brake lights, turn signals — that market continues to grow quicker than accent lights, but the accent lights are still there. There are safety advantages to accent lights, too.”

PSB: What are some of your most popular products?

MB: “Our most popular product is our Dynamic Rings; it’s actually the white ring, and then when you apply the turn signal, the light turns off, and it flashes amber, so with more DRLs (daytime running lamps) on cars and things like that, this has been very, very popular on the Harley side of things.”

“Turn signals in general — our Can-Am Spyder products have been very, very popular. Our LED plate frame, this is our new product, that’s probably our most popular new product right now.”

PSB: What do dealers like about carrying your product as opposed to another company’s lighting products?

Megan Barrett, business manager of Custom Dynamics, and a colleague talk to a Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties rep at the distributor’s 2013 National Vendor Presentation in Madison, Wis.

Megan Barrett, business manager of Custom Dynamics, and a colleague talk to a Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties rep at the distributor’s 2013 National Vendor Presentation in Madison, Wis.

MB: “We offer a lifetime warranty on our LEDs; we offer a five-year on our modules. We have technical support; we’ve got phone reps that can help answer any questions. We offer display programs. Our goal is to support the dealer and help them out in any way we can.”

PSB: Why are customers drawn to your lights as opposed to a competitor’s lights?

MB: “We try to listen to the customer and get an idea of exactly what they’re looking for and use their ideas in our product development. And we use very high-quality LEDs. We are not the least expensive on the market, but we try to make a good quality product that’s going to last.”

PSB: If you’re not the least expensive product on the market, what makes your product worth the higher price tag?

MB: “A brighter LED. We take extra steps. We put short-circuit protection on a lot of our modules; that’s something we’ve been coming out with. We make sure that everything is waterproof, that everything is sealed, that it’s quality. We use a high-grade tape for the things that mount with 3M tape.”



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