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How many birthdays are you going to let your stale inventory have?

I have never in my travels found a dealer who does not have some old product in stock, hanging on the wall or a shelf that refuses to be sold. More than likely, it’s some special order that was rejected, never picked up, possibly not paid for and only fits an obsolete model or someone’s specific taste. How many birthdays ...

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The critical components of every successful marketing campaign

There’s a recipe for success when it comes to planning and creating a successful marketing campaign. In fact, there are four critical components to every marketing initiative: No. 1 is your marketing message; No. 2 is targeting the right audience; No. 3 is using the right media method; and No. 4 is it hitting at just the right time.  In ...

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The craziest powersports ‘prohibition’

Here’s a crazy thing to think about: Currently, there is no difference between the retailing of illegal drugs and youth-designed ATVs and motorcycles. They’re both illegal to sell. Of course, the enforcement of one is obviously much different that the other. But still, thanks to the lead law enacted last year, this is likely one the wackiest times ever for ...

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