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New motorcyclist joins the ranks

June 24, 2011

I have earned my motorcycle license! It’s exciting to say that, especially since I just received it last night. I finally know what it’s like to have only two wheels underneath me while I power a bike. I know what the clutch and throttle feel like in my hands, and I know how to make turns and swerves... Read more »

PSB offers quick tips to help dealers

June 16, 2011

Powersports dealers are busy. Sales need to be made; service needs to be completed; parts and accessories need to be ordered and sold; the showroom needs to be stocked; and a million other tasks need to be completed everyday. We at Powersports Business know dealers have hectic schedules at times. Using... Read more »

ATV sales may be coming back

June 10, 2011

A couple months ago in this blog, I wrote about my first ATV ride. It was exciting, refreshing, exhilarating to be out on the trails, whipping around in the dirt and the mud. Too bad it seems like powersports customers aren’t as excited, or at least anxious enough to buy a new ATV. Sales of new units... Read more »

PSB blog readers seek data

May 17, 2011

Our Industry Insiders bloggers come from a variety of backgrounds and cover an assortment of topics – from tips on merchandising to mini instructionals on social media to advice on management. Everyone who blogs for the website brings different information to the table, and each was chosen to blog... Read more »

Spend minutes on social media to watch potential customer list grow

May 13, 2011

While sitting through social media seminars and talking to dealers at Powersports Business’ Profit Xcelerator last fall, I kept hearing the same excuse from dealers as to why they hadn’t started a Facebook or Twitter page: they don’t have the time. As an experienced Facebooker and Tweeter, I was... Read more »

Don’t forget that this industry sells excitement

April 22, 2011

When I took my post as the associate editor of Powersports Business more than six months ago, I had some experience with most of the different powersports vehicles. I grew up on Gold Wings. My dad has one; my uncle has one; and my grandpa and another uncle each owned Gold Wings until they could no longer... Read more »

Custom motorcycle demand changes

April 8, 2011

Though demand for custom motorcycles had dropped, and the economy had taken a downturn, the news of Big Dog Motorcycles’ closing still came as a surprise to many. Just two years ago, the company celebrated its 15th anniversary, and the year prior, it produced its 25,000th bike. However, as former director... Read more »

Industry responds to Japanese earthquake

March 29, 2011

When the world learned of the devastation in Japan that followed an earthquake and tsunami on March 11, people everywhere were shocked and saddened. Once that shock wore off and reality sunk in, big questions began to pop up in the industry. With the Big Four motorcycle manufacturers and suppliers for... Read more »

What are customers using their smartphones for?

March 22, 2011

Think for a second how often you see cell phones in your daily life. At the mall, teens are using them to text each other; at the airport, business people are perusing their e-mail, and in your dealership, customers are price checking and researching purchases. The first two scenarios aren’t a big... Read more »

How the retail-lending environment is shaping up

March 14, 2011

Escalating bad debts and loan delinquencies. Decreasing retail-lending approval percentages. The former usually leads to the latter, which is what we encountered in 2009 and, to a lesser extent, in parts of last year. However, those key criteria for retail lenders — and of course, hence, dealers —... Read more »

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