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A sales staff salary issue … that shouldn’t be an issue

July 27, 2010

I’m ready to pick a fight. Well, OK, a figurative one. Please tell me why your sales staff’s pay is somehow, someway not connected to their successes or failures in building the dealership’s consumer database. How is that possible? We’re in the midst of gathering data from dealers on lead management... Read more »

Crucial issues that impact new unit sales

July 21, 2010

What percentage of your dealership’s Web leads are answered within 24 hours? And who at the dealership initially handles that lead? The general manager? The sales manager? A salesperson? And what percentage of your online leads are converted to phone conversations? Half? Less than a third? These crucial... Read more »

An unforgettable industry moment

July 19, 2010

Salt Lake City. August 2006. A darkened ballroom with a silhouette of light hitting two Ducati officials, one resting his hand on a gleaming red sport bike and the other slightly behind. For what seemed the longest of moments, neither official said a word as an audience rose and broke into a thunderous... Read more »

Key Harley dealer metrics highlighted in survey

July 14, 2010

Harley-Davidson is heading into its annual summer dealer show with some positives in the marketplace — improved used prices and better new unit inventory — and unfortunately some negatives — the number of dealers selling below MSRP. That's according to a survey of 40 Harley-Davidson dealers... Read more »

The right approach to a bad situation

July 13, 2010

DALLAS — Combine a Harley-Davidson dealer, an executive from a metric manufacturer, the founder of the largest aftermarket company in the industry with a brand specialist and you get a pretty lively discussion. That’s what happened last weekend in Dallas at the Tucker Rocky Distributing Dealer Show.... Read more »

An increase in major unit sales? Could it be happening?

June 25, 2010

An increase in unit sales for your dealership: It is possible, even in today’s economy. In fact, Powersports Business has seen two different industry measurements that show not only is it possible, but it’s being done. First, our monthly same sales report provided by ADP Lightspeed for Powersports... Read more »

Identifying key preowned sales benchmarks

June 21, 2010

How is the retail picture in my showroom different from my region or the nation at-large? That common and incredibly important question is challenging enough to answer with regard to some new unit categories. (UTVs to name one!) But once you get into the preowned market, it’s even more challenging. However,... Read more »

Words to live by

June 10, 2010

It’s probably the best line I’ve heard that accurately describes the current marketplace and what our reaction to it should be. “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” That’s courtesy of Spader Business Management’s Pat Kennedy, who presented a seminar on profitability to dealers at the... Read more »

Three true industry tales worth repeating

May 18, 2010

If retail sales aren’t bouncing back fast enough for you, then a bit of humor certainly couldn’t hurt. Here are memorable tales or quips I’ve been told by three well-known industry veterans that ought to bring a few more smiles to your day. Snow? What snow? If you’ve ever lived in a fair climate... Read more »

Industry Insiders Blog

April 6, 2009

With the current economy and the severe effects it has had on our industry, it wouldn’t be  surprising to me to see fewer OEMs have dealer shows this summer and fall. For us here at Powersports Business, that would be a huge letdown, not only because we love the glitz and glamour of these shows as... Read more »

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