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Dealer education leads to increased profits

July 8, 2011

Sometimes it seems there is an odd juxtaposition in our industry. Same store sales have been up for 10 months straight over the year-ago months, according to data provided to Powersports Business by ADP Lightspeed, yet we still talk to dealers who say the economic recovery has yet to affect them. In... Read more »

PSB blog readers seek data

May 17, 2011

Our Industry Insiders bloggers come from a variety of backgrounds and cover an assortment of topics – from tips on merchandising to mini instructionals on social media to advice on management. Everyone who blogs for the website brings different information to the table, and each was chosen to blog... Read more »

Stability, or something more?

October 20, 2010

Two recent extremely notable positive pieces of news makes me wonder if the “stability” mantra being discussed in different parts of the industry isn’t a bit conservative. Conservative meaning perhaps the economic doldrums that have largely represented 2010 might just be coming to an end quicker... Read more »

Industry Insiders Blog

April 6, 2009

With the current economy and the severe effects it has had on our industry, it wouldn’t be  surprising to me to see fewer OEMs have dealer shows this summer and fall. For us here at Powersports Business, that would be a huge letdown, not only because we love the glitz and glamour of these shows as... Read more »